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Introducing Yasmin Joseph Lingerie: Step-In Bras

Yasmin Joseph cream lace bra

Hate wrangling those annoying bra fasteners? Yasmin Joseph's innovative step-in bras are designed to pull on easily, making them a brilliant solution for women who struggle with flexibility or the dexterity needed to handle those annoying hook and eye closures. In the past, many women with physical challenges that made bra fastening problematic were forced to wear pull-over bra and sports bra styles that compressed the breasts or offered little support or style.

Yasmin Joseph is the collaboration of a father-daughter team that brings over three decades of bra engineering experience to craft bras that are as comfortable as they are supportive and fashionable.These step-in bras not only remove the need for pesky bra clasps, they also feature high backs that smooth away those lumps and bumps that can spill over your bra band. Just step in, shimmy over your hips, and adjust the straps.

While the brand was developed primarily to provide a smoother look under clothes, it is their ease of putting on that makes them truly special. Crafted of stretchy microfibers and meshes, the wide bands and high backs of these bras makes them ideal for women with physical challenges. The step-in format is a brilliant solution for women recovering from breast surgeries to women struggling with arthritis, and everyone in between with challenges both big and small.

These Yasmin Joseph styles feature plunging necklines, sheer meshes, pretty laces, and fashion forward prints. The soft bras (shown above) would even make for a great sleep bra, too, for women who like a little support at bedtime. They come in a nice range of neutrals and are meant for everyday comfort while still feeling feminine.

Yasmin Joseph black and cream bra

Yasmin Joseph black bra back

The collection also features a plunging t-shirt bra in leopard or black mesh with a contrasting cup. This underwire, molded cup style, features wide set straps and a deep plunge. I'm partial to the leopard, though the deep scarlet cups with the mesh overlay is a wonderfully subtle pop of color. These all feature sheer mesh backs that look really sexy even when you're covered up.

Yasmin Joseph leopard bra

Yasmin Joseph red bra front

Yasmin Joseph bra closeup

The collection also includes a plunging non-wire bra that gives both maximum comfort and cleavage. I like how the cups feature a gentle curve that is meant to draw the eye to your assets. Again, there's an interesting play of being covered up while baring your curves that elevates these styles into something more memorable than your basic everyday bras.

Yasmin Joseph black bra front

Yasmin Joseph bra back2

Yasmin Joseph white bra front

Sadly the best pieces in the debut collection seem to be out of stock now. These step-in bustiers and camis would make for great layering pieces in your lingerie wardrobe. I love seeing the use of prints (apparently so does everyone else as their printed pieces got snapped up first!). Here's hoping Yasmin Joseph will restock these items, or consider adding more printed pieces to subsequent collections.

Yasmin Joseph black floral longline

Yasmin Joseph blue longline

Yasmin Joseph leopard cami

Items are available from Yasmin Joseph's online shop (based in Australia). Their current size range is XS-XXL (which spans a 32A-36DD). This step-in sort of styling works best on smaller busts that don't rely as much on band support. I think the underserved market of larger band/smaller cup would love Yasmin Joseph should the brand decide to expand its size range in the future.

What do you think of the Yasmin Joseph collection? Have you experienced difficulty fastening your bras? Have you ever tried a step-in bra style before? Would you be interested in trying one of these?


Laurie Shapiro

Laurie Shapiro is the former owner and designer of the luxury lingerie label, Toad Lillie. Based in Seattle, WA, she now helps lingerie businesses engage their customers through brand communications and social media.

11 Comments on this post

  1. Gerrie Joseph says:

    want to eliminate under armpit and back fat

  2. Laura mcelhinny says:

    I would love this bra where can I get it? I’m allergic to medals and plastics regular bras cause my back to break out and itch constantly, I’ve been wearing the ah bra (cheaply made) and the cups are not any good and slide around I really want to try this. As to the above comment about pulling them over your hips and stretching out the band I haven’t had any problems and I wear a 36-38 C cup.
    Please let me know how to purchase, thanks

  3. God save us from the amateur designer of bra’s .
    Think about it if it stretches that far to go around a bottom thighs tummy how is it going to support from underneath , to hold up breasts, there is nothing to tighten underneath the straps should only ever be used to align to the breasts and smooth out cups.
    They look pretty and will only be of use to people with small breasts and all it will do is cover them not hold them the way they are shown in the photo’s its the JML bra in pretty materials and made to look like a bra in the front and for people with disability’s if they can’t put on socks or tights how are they going to put it on over their feet and step into it and pull up and get their arms into it either they never show a able bodied person doing this never mind a person with limited ability its the same with front fastener’s if you can’t get your arms around then how are you going to put it on and if your fingers don’t work how to you hook it up.
    No one actually things these things through do they work it out for yourself adverts are targeted at women because most believe what they say adverts are to sell things not really tell you the truth about things just make it sound amazing so you think it is going to answer your prayers they don’t just get fitted properly measure yourself with a inches tape measure then you will know id you are being lied to in any store that you need a bigger band and at least 5 cups smaller.
    A cup is a nipple B cup is a swollen nipple C cup where it is more swollen in the Nipple area D is when the breast is forming and anything else is D and above no matter what your under-bust measures when they take you up back sizes they make the cup appear bigger in width not depth the depth of the cup is what the breast tissue should go into a bra the bits of tissue that end up at the side are breast that has been pushed out of too small a cup that’s what minimiser’s bra do flatten it squash the breast not good look of fitting. or shape women should stop looking down their bodies at their breast start looking in the mirror straight ahead and see what breast tissue really looks like lift your breast up and see how small that under-bust really is and how it shapes that’s where the breasts are held from not the straps.
    Its all general engineering gravity if you want to put a large shelf up to hold a large ornament you would support it from underneath wouldn’t you well that is how breasts are lifted and supported by the underneath support same way a strapless bra hold breasts up if you are wearing the correct size and shape for you
    Ladies stop being afraid of a inches tape measure measure yourself or get a good friend to help you measure your bodies then realize you have been sold the wrong size for many years because you keep going back and getting the same bras sold to you you breast change all the time that is why you have three hooks fro putting weight on and off loosen tighten and the straps are their also to allow the breast to swell and empty though out the month and weight gain but to go up a down a back size you have to lose at least 2 stones in weight to do so depending on your body weight and shape breasts are increased with hormones and chemicals within the body and what you eat also medication also has an effect to on breast and they get bigger after menopause as we still have hormones working away. and less abilities to move depending on lots of health life-styles too.

    • Cora says:

      Eh…I have to disagree with a lot of what you’re saying here. While I do agree that this bra may not be as supportive as the traditional construction, the truth is that everyone doesn’t want a tight bra band. For some women, it’s simple personal preference. For others, a tight band may exacerbate certain pre-existing conditions. I’m one of those women who prefers a looser band and I’m completely happy with how my breasts look.

      Regarding your comment on disabilities, there are a variety of ways to be disabled and not every disabled person is incapable of putting on socks or tights. Some people may lack the fine motor control to fasten hook and eye closures but be perfectly fine pulling something down over their head (or up over their thighs). I would not put a step-in bra into the same category as a front closure bra.

      I don’t even know where to begin with your comment about breasts sizes except that I sincerely hope you don’t use this sort of language around your customers as there’s nothing worse than an insensitive bra fitter in a lingerie store.

      Finally, there’s a need for a variety of bras and bras styles. I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect this company to solve every bra sizing woe or to appeal to women for whom a tight band and heavy support are the most important factors. There are many different ways to approach this whole bra thing, and, at the very least, I’m glad some companies are taking a new approach.

      Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have a great day.

  4. Breonie says:

    It seems like a good idea, but I don’t know many women who have butts the same size as the top half of their body. I, for one, would definitely not be able to ‘step into’ a bra, it’d get suck once it reached my thighs! haha.

    • Thursday says:

      This is exactly what I thought! There’s no way something that fits snugly around my chest is going to make it up over my hips.

      These do look quite lovely, but I wonder how much support they offer to those of us who like a firm or very firm underband. The stretch necessary to compensate for a lack of an opening doesn’t seem like it would offer a comfortable fit.

      • Laurie says:

        Hi Thursday, I agree that this bra is best suited for women who don’t rely on a firm band, hence the reason the brand is not sized for larger cups. I think it’s such a great idea, though, for women who struggle with physical challenge that make fastening a bra difficult.

        • Thursday says:

          It’s always great to see more options, for sure! Especially as there is definitely no one model suits all when it comes to bras :)

    • Laurie says:

      Hi Breonie, I’m thinking these are probably like wiggling into good shapewear. Though hopefully not requiring too much wiggle as that would defeat the purpose of eliminating those annoying bra fasteners. It wouldn’t make sense to trade one hassle for another!

  5. Angela says:

    A bra that fits well shouldn’t put pressure on your shoulders. Because there are no hooks and eyes, I’m going to guess that bra won’t last as long bras with hooks and eyes. They look like very nice night time bras, but I don’t think I would wear them during the day even if they came in my size.

  6. Avigayil says:

    I am all ears and might have to order in a 36DD to try it out. They look amazing and I would LOVE one to sleep in! I certainly thing the regular and full bust market are going to love this product and I hope they expand their line and can keep up with demand. :-)

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