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What Works As Lingerie, Pajamas, and Athletic Wear? Meet Knitty Kitty.

Image via Knitty Kitty

Image via Knitty Kitty

Samples were provided for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I'm always excited about multipurpose lingerie companies, so I was intrigued when the Knitty Kitty sample offer rolled across my desk. The idea behind Knitty Kitty is pretty simple: cute "Knitintimates" that work as lingerie, sleepwear, for yoga class, or for casual outings. What elevates this idea is the high quality and totally adorable designs that Knitty Kitty is putting out.

I asked for the Wave set in purple and aqua as my sample set, as I sometimes struggle with hipster-style panties due to my narrow hips. I was warned that the shorts were on the high waisted side, which was totally okay with me. I'd never tried knit underwear before, so I was interested so see if it would work for me or not.

Image via Knitty Kitty

Image via Knitty Kitty

I ordered a size large in everything, which turned out to have just enough give to be perfect on me. These camisoles will work well on everyone, whether you're full busted or not. The camisole hit flatteringly above my hips and the high waisted shorts gave me a nice shape without exposing too much. I love this set as loungewear at home (or workwear for those of us who work from home), but it's definitely more multipurpose than that. The pieces are stretchy while still being supportive, so you can definitely cheat a bit on the maximum measurements given for each size.

It worked out that I got this set around the time that I started my new fitness initiative, so I got to put it to the test during my workouts as well. This knit set has now gotten me through yoga, pilates and ballet conditioning tapes at home. I even used it as a cover up after swimming laps at the pool since it's easy to wash and looks nice on. It's felt comfortable yet supportive during all of these activities.

As a bonus, Knitty Kitty pieces are really easy to wash. Knits can be a bit tricky, but Knitty Kitty pieces can go through the washer and then air dry flat. In my experience they dry pretty quickly, which is great if you're wearing them a lot or using them for yoga-like activities. I'm a huge fan of easy care lingerie.

If you're looking for a adorable loungewear set that will work in lots of settings, Knitty Kitty is a great bet. Pieces run between $25 and $30, which is a great price point considering how durable and useful their line is. I love how the pieces are practical and wearable while still appealing to my girly side. I also think that Knitty Kitty should get credit for making pieces that appeal (and would look good on) a wide variety of ages and body types. This line would be fine for a teenage girl as well as for an older woman looking for a nice warm weather lounge set.

Have you tried Knitty Kitty yet? What do you think of their lingerie and loungewear?