Review: TomboyX Boxer Briefs for Women
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Review: TomboyX Boxer Briefs for Women


Photo by Kat McNeal.

Disclosure: The products described were given to me by TomboyExchange for review purposes. This review contains my own opinions of these products. I received no monetary compensation for this review.

Underwear for nonbinary people, or for people with unconventional gender presentations, can be really hard (as I’ve said a few times already). So it’s always great to see a company working to distinguish itself from traditional feminine underwear design to create something a little different. TomboyExchange is doing some great things in that respect. Their line of underwear, TomboyX, focuses on "unconventional" women, and the models mostly appear to be older women and/or butch women, which I appreciate. They also have some adorable videos on their website of a gruff butch woman wear-testing their underwear line and vouching for its quality. To be honest, I felt very little doubt that the product would be great.

Photo by Kat McNeal.

Feeling Frisky boxer briefs in grey. Photo by Kat McNeal.

They sent me two pairs of TomboyX boxer briefs to review: their “Good Carma” boxer briefs (in red) and their “Feeling Frisky” boxer briefs in (in grey). I went with a medium, as per their site’s size charts, which are extensive and include comparisons to sizes from men's brands:

The most thorough size chart I've ever seen. Via

The most thorough size chart I've ever seen. Via

Since a lot of AFAB people who present masculine have already bought men's underwear, this size chart is a great way to help people figure out their size based on what they already own. It's also a good reminder that these briefs are being created by people who understand the search for masculine underwear. It’s a good way to say “we know what you’ve tried already, and we've tried it too, but our product is better.”

Good Carma boxer briefs in red. Photo by Kat McNeal.

Good Carma boxer briefs in red. Photo by Kat McNeal.

In a lot of ways, it is better. These boxer briefs are designed to fit someone with my body shape; there’s a curve to the hip of the boxer briefs in each pair, so they’re not so uncomfortably tight and they don’t ride up the way men's boxer briefs tend to. They’re also not as long as a lot of boxer briefs for men are, so they don’t come down dangerously close to my knees. And the styling is a very close visual analogue to the men’s products they’re hoping to compete with, with the labeled waistband and contrast piping.

Photo by Kat McNeal.

The fit is amazing for me. Photo by Kat McNeal.

There’s some small details that gear this product very much toward women, rather than more masculine butches or nonbinary folks or trans men. The Good Carma boxer briefs have a button fly, but it's sewn shut, with no buttonholes. The Feeling Frisky boxer briefs, similarly, have no double-overlap flap like men's boxers often do. Their briefs don't have one either. That means that if you wear a packer, or if you're just the kind of human that wants to have a fly (possibly so your cutie of choice can unbutton it), this isn't going to work for you. TomboyX's marketing definitely focuses on masculine women, rather than nonbinary or trans people, so I suppose this shouldn't come as a surprise. But I do have feelings about trans representation and I'd love to see more brands I love acknowledging it.

The buttons are such a great detail. I wish they buttoned. Photo by Kat McNeal.

The faux button fly that's giving me angst. Photo by Kat McNeal.

Which is not to say I didn't like them -- on the contrary, I thought they were great. When I put them on, I didn't want to take them off. They held up well to washing. They're attractive and they fit under both girl pants and guy pants, and I'm pretty sure my girlfriend is obsessed with them. I still stare wistfully at that button fly that doesn't unbutton, but if that doesn't bother you, I'd definitely say give them a try. Their price point is around $25 for boxers and $14 for their briefs, which feels like a little much if you're used to buying men's underwear in 3-packs -- but the quality means you'll get a lot of wear for your money. Overall I'm satisfied, and I'm looking forward to seeing what TomboyX does next.


8 Comments on this post

  1. sherri sutton says:

    I need to know a phone number so I can order by phone what I want not online.

  2. Cathy Cawelti Wells says:

    I fall into the hetro middle-aged woman who hates every pair in the drawer. I’m not thin or gigantic but rather a lived in body. I have no bum, but a slight c-section hangover & straight hips . I just want to find something that won’t shimmy, slide, or roll down my non existing fanny! I’ve taken your review pretty seriously and I just placed an order. (Mom aways said I was shaped like 12 year old boy with boobs)

  3. Rose says:

    Hi guys, author here. It seems like you’re neglecting the fact that this article is not just about “women in masculine clothing”, but also gender nonbinary folks and trans men, which are very different from women. Cora has also covered men’s lingerie (some with feminine styling, some without) in a few other articles on the site: Top Men’s Sexy Underwear Brands, and The Jockstrap Double Standard. We have responded to you, and we may again–but we also need you to accept that some articles are going to talk about AFAB people who want to dress more masculine.

  4. Andrew says:

    These are nice, but where is the feminine underwear designed for male bodies?

    • Cora says:

      How funny you should say that! Rose mentioned two such brands in her column last week. As a quick aside though, we’re not a blog dedicated to lingerie for men, nor is that topic Rose’s particular beat. Fortunately, there are tons of blogs dedicated to men who enjoy lingerie, and I’d definitely recommend searching out one you like.

      Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

      • Andrew says:

        Cora, thank you so much for your reply and the link, I really appreciated it! Yes, I do realize this a female-focused blog, and I am most certainly not trying to change that. I just find it frustrating sometimes that no one bats an eye when women wear masculine styled clothing, but it’s a huge issue when men wish to try something with feminine styling. I’m glad to see that this is finally (slowly) changing.

  5. Sam says:

    Those look very similar to the American Apparel unisex briefs and boxer briefs, have you tried those? Your articles fascinate me since I’m a man and seem to be looking for very similar things in my underwear.

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