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Perfect for Summer Layering: Crop Tops and Bralettes by Elma


Agon Cross Back Bra Top

I've been eyeing Elma Lingerie for weeks now. It started with their mesh and lace longline bra (which I like to visit on a weekly basis just to say hello) then progressed to their lace crop top with adjustable straps (because wow, the lines of this thing are amazing). And now, like the irretrievable lingerie junkie that I am, I want it all. And I mean all.

I've been thinking a little while about androgynous lingerie and what this whole concept of androgyny might look like. And though I wrote a blog post about androgynous lingerie last year, I don't know if I'm quite thinking about it in the right way. After all, there's no reason a feminine aesthetic should exclude pared-down or minimalist lingerie. I like to lounge around the house in boyshorts and tank tops; that doesn't necessarily make me 'androgynous' when I do so.

That said, I'm wondering if there's such a thing as a more androgynous silhouette in lingerie. The 'Agon' crop top, for example, strikes me as something that could work for a variety of gender expressions, but again, I don't know if I'm approaching this in the wrong way. Anyway, enough thinking out loud from me (now you all know what I like to contemplate while drinking cups of tea).

The other reason I like these bras is because I think they make awesome summer layering pieces. Though it's not my personal style, you could throw the opaque bralettes on with a high-waist maxi skirt or pair of overalls and be done for the day. Even the sheer, lacey bralettes would look beautiful under a light or semi-sheer tank.

I know Elma's aesthetic isn't for everyone, but I love seeing new designers doing fresh and interesting things (and this is a nice departure from the bondage/strappy aesthetic that's so popular right now). I sincerely hope she doesn't abandon the crop top/bralette concept. I'd like to see it pushed further, and perhaps into the realm of knickers or chemises, in coming seasons.

What do you think of these pieces? Do you see anything you like?


Odile Lace and Mesh Longline Bra


Kitri Lace Crop Top


Odette Jersey Crop Bra Top


Corsaire Longline Bra


Aurora Stretch Lace Cami

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