Lingerie Review: Curvy Kate 'Portia' Balconette Bra Set
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Lingerie Review: Curvy Kate 'Portia' Balconette Bra Set

Note: I purchased this lingerie with my own money. Curvy Kate is unaffiliated with this review.


It's been a minute since I've written a lingerie review. The issue, obviously, hasn't been a lack of items to review (I have enough lingerie I've bought personally to keep TLA knee-deep in reviews for the next year or so), rather, I had a bit of a crisis of confidence regarding the way I write reviews. As the saying goes, to keep a long story short, I wasn't sure if I was going about reviews in the right way. I wondered if my emphasis on how pieces fit me (as opposed to more "objective" reviews like the length of a band or the width of a wire) was misplaced. And until I resolved that, I held off on writing reviews for awhile.


Well, I've since come around to being totally okay with the way we write reviews on TLA. While those kind of objective fit details absolutely have a place, I also believe it's important to get a sense of how brands work for a wide range of body types... and a wide range of priorities. There still aren't any lingerie bloggers who really match up with me in terms of body type, preferred size, and taste preferences. And since the entire reason I started blogging was to share what I loved (and why I loved it), it just makes sense to think of lingerie reviews as a continuation of that. So my very first review "back in the game," so to speak, is of a brand I've wanted to try for years: Curvy Kate.


Over the last year or so, through a combination of getting older and getting out of shape, I've been in a better position to try full bust brands (more squish = less pain). While my preferred bra size is still about two sister sizes over from what modern-day size charts would put me in (34C instead of 30DD/E), it's been really fascinating to get a sense of how full bust brands differ from straight size brands in terms of fit and construction... even if the cups are technically the same volume. My previous trials with full bust bra brands Empreinte and Miss Mandalay felt very "intense" for my more shallow, self-supported shape. There was a lot of wire and a lot of cup, two qualities I'm not really looking for in my bras.

For my first try with Curvy Kate, I picked up their classic 'Portia' balconette in a vibrant watermelon/plum (you can see it here in black/pink). I'm really into cut-and-sewn bras right now, and I loved the criss-cross pattern on the mesh. I'm also trying to move away from buying everything in black (an ongoing goal that I'm still failing pretty miserably at), so it was fun to experiment with what's basically a hot pink. I ordered the bra in a size 32D and the knicker in a size L.


Upon receipt, my first impressions of the bra were that it's very well-constructed. The mesh felt wonderful to the touch, not stiff or scratchy. The stitching was tight. And I enjoyed little details like the eyelet lace and ribbon trim at the top of the cups. Regarding fit, my chief concern when going a size down from what I usually wear is the tightness of the band, but I didn't find the Portia band to be overly tight. It was snugger than what I'm used to, yes (usually I can fit a pumpkin beneath my bra band, so no big surprise there), but not painful or uncomfortable. Of course, that may mean it's actually too loose for most people needing more support. In truth, the band felt more like a slightly snug 34 instead of a 32.


While the wires fully enclosed my breast tissue, I did have some gapping issues with the fabric of the cups in two places. The first was along the upper third of the cup (the eyelet and ribbon lace trim) which I expected since I have a shallower shape and no breast tissue to fill out the cup there. However, I didn't expect to have gapping along the outside edge of the cup as well (the side facing my armpit). There was just a lot of excess fabric and empty space. It wasn't uncomfortable, and it didn't really show through clothing, it was just an odd space to have fit issues for me. However, if you have breast tissue in that area, that kind of cut may be exactly what you're looking for.


I really like how light the material feels against the body; I imagine this would be a perfect summer bra --- supportive yet still lightweight and without any extra bulk or padding. And I adore all the various colorways it comes in; it's great to have fashion-friendly options in up to a J cup. As with my other full bust bra experiments, the wires are a tad bit too intense for me (I get some digging in around the sternum and outer ribs, which may be the result of rib flare), but I didn't find it so uncomfortable that I was aching to take the bra off after only a few hours. Finally, I thought the knickers all right, just more or less unremarkable. They're pretty and they fit well (I'd even say they fit generously), just nothing exceptional. But if you're a big fan of matching sets (and this is a very cute matching set), they're totally worth picking up.  I am a bit worried about that ribbon eventually getting lost after repeated washings, but that's neither here nor there.

All in all, I have to say I'm happy with the Portia. If I suddenly found myself needing to wear a larger cup size, I think this bra would be one of the first I tried again. To see a review of the same bra in the same colorway, take a look at my fellow lingerie blogger Sweet Nothings NYC.

Have you worn the Curvy Kate Portia? If so, what did you think of it? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

8 Comments on this post

  1. Christie says:

    I agree, that colour looks stunning on you! I’m a big fan of curvy kate. I know that different bra’s fit people differently and boob shape can definitely affect the fit of the bra but the question I have regarding this review is whether that “gapping” is not simply caused by a cup size that is too big? The material looks very loose around the entire breast and a smaller cup size would make the wire narrower and possibly bring it in on the side.

  2. Amber says:

    Portia is one of my favorite CK styles. I feel like it fits my bust well, because of the wider cups/underwires, I too find their sizing generous, which is why for me I’m anywhere between a 34F or FF depending on the Curvy Kate style. I’m thinking of trying a 32FF or 32G next time, but as I’ve never tried a 32 band before, I’m a bit unsure. I do really love CK though, it’s one of my favorite full busts brands just based on fit and style alone. I think this colorway looks simply gorgeous on you as well!

  3. denocte says:

    It’s absolutely LOVELY the way you wrote this review. I love how honest you start it! Also I love the bra on you. I’m so glad that you are doing reviews again, your voice as a muscular bra blogger was really lacking <3
    and the colour! I've got bra envy. Sadly I got too shallow breasts to fill out the unpadded curvy kates, but my girlfriend wears them a lot and they are just lovely!

  4. Windie says:

    Great review! I really enjoyed the way you wrote this one so I hope there will be more! :) The colour looks beautiful on you.

  5. Sweets says:

    Wow, that color! You look absolutely smashing. I’m glad you write reviews the way you do– I am always interested to see how different bras work across different sizes and different body types.

  6. Evija says:

    Hmm, I don’t think it would suit me since I tend to have some skin redness.
    Anyway, great review. While I wouldn’t try the Portia because this type of style doesn’t suit me at all. In fact, there’s a LOT, like srsly, A TON of fuller bust styles that go like this – opaque/padded lower 2/3rds of the cup and then the mesh top of the cup.
    Because my breasts are as weird as I am, all of these styles I’ve tried leave me with the potential to embarrass myself should the room get chilly – that is, the nipples are exactly above the line where the mesh starts. See-through and plain uncomfortable.
    .. it still is a lovely style with great detailing and cover. I promise I will dig bratabase like loco and come up with a bra that could fit me, and write about it, okay! :)

  7. Ameri says:

    That colour looks super good on your skin tone! I think it’s probably a flattering colour for most people, if a bit loud maybe!

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