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Incanto Lingerie S/S 14


I really like viewing lookbooks. We're never going to be a lookbook-only blog (the consecutive lookbook posts as well as the single posts have to do with my traveling to --- and getting stuck in --- NYC this week), but I quite like seeing what's new and sharing what's new and talking about it here with you all. I really do read every comment and reply (even if it takes longer than I'd like to respond), and I love knowing what other people think about various collections. It makes me feel like we're all relaxing in my fictional sitting room, sipping tea and nibbling pastries, while we chat about bras and panties... which, you should know, is pretty much my dream life.

I still haven't tried the Incanto brand. I just don't know of any retailers close to me, online or otherwise, who are selling it. That said, I am intrigued, even moreso by this collection, than the one from last season. Please note, I don't think Incanto is doing anything really wild or revolutionary here; contour cups are fairly mainstream and typical as far as mass-market lingerie goes. But I do think it's good to have multiple players in this space, and I do especially like Incanto's use of lace this season.

I see strains of other brands in their designs (I was reminded of Intimissimi, in particular... perhaps they were inspired by them?) which makes me wonder how well Incanto is doing with differentiating themselves in an ever more-crowded market. In turn, that lack of differentiation or a very clear design aesthetic makes me wonder if that's why I'm not seeing them in any of the boutiques I visit... even the European ones. Like I said, I'm intrigued. I'll just have to see what happens with this brand in the coming seasons.

What do you think of this season's Incanto? Are there any sets you could wear?















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Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

5 Comments on this post

  1. Thursday says:

    I like the bright colours, and the lace application in the second set is quite appealing. Other than that, it does seem fairly ordinary. I think the setting could have offered much more interesting photo opportunities!

    And tea, sweet things and pretty underwear? You know I’d be on that in a heartbeat!

  2. Jessica says:

    No real opinion, good or bad, on the line–it has mass appeal, and that is something. The photo shoot location is a little too reminiscent of women being a luxury accessory. While it could be said that the mansion and cars could be the model’s in this made-up scenario, it just throws me back to the Fiat commercial which equates women with cars ( It’s like another Victoria’s Secret line.

  3. Michael A. Moran says:

    Meh, A/W 2013 was better. The limited cup sizing (ABCD) seems strange. What really seems strange is their lack of Internet savvy. Two web sites with different content. One gives you a phone number to call if you want to buy (but no prices online) , and promises of 24 hour delivery. The other is the Russian website which has store listings for Eastern Europe only, but offers you the opportunity to become a franchisee. No means to purchase from this site at all. There is apparently no place to purchase their product other than in stores in Eastern Europe and Italy.

  4. Evija says:

    oh it all looks so wearable to me! unfortunately I can’t find info on available sizes in their site but their size guide seems to go only up to a D cup, which is oddly irrelevant in today’s world. Also, can’t seem to find a place where one can buy them online, so I guess meh.

  5. Rachel says:

    The collection is a little staid for my tastes. Scrolling through the pictures went from most interesting (lime and black lace? Yes please thank you) to “seen it.” I’ll bet the photo shoot was super fun to do, though. Lingerie and marble architecture go well together.

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