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In Search Of A Full Bust Wireless Bra: Meet the BreastNest

This product was provided for my review by BreastNest. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

BreastNest in action

The number one item I'm asked about by other full busted women is wireless bras. If I had a dime for every woman who has asked me about these, I'd have the money to buy a much bigger piano for my place. There are depressingly few options out there if you're full busted. Sadly, I almost missed this one because I was too busy giggling at the name: BreastNest. After my fit of immaturity, I managed to email the owner of the company back and express my interest in trying one.

I've tried a whole basket of other wireless bra type items, but had always found them lacking in several areas:

1) Boob sweat is gross and none of them were moisture wicking. I live in a hot humid climate and sweat is the enemy.

2) Separation: All of them gave me that oh so unattractive uni-boob look, which also contributes to issue #1.

3) Fabric: Maybe I'm spoiled, but I hate thin scratchy fabrics. Not only are they uncomfortable, but they don't hold up.

I was happy to see that BreastNest design addresses all of these issues and builds them into a very nice tank top structure. The camisole resembles one of those shelf bra things that you probably have nightmares about, but feels lovely on and actually contains everything it's supposed to. The BreastNest tanks are made out of a really luxurious modal fabric that feels great on your skin. According to the BreastNest website, it's also moisture wicking and eco-friendly. The camisoles are made in the USA, which is also a nice bonus. While it does have a bit of that torpedo boob look, there is plenty of separation when you wear it.

The BreastNest is sized by your underbust measurement. I went with a medium for my 32" measurement and it fits perfectly. Due to the stretch and support system, it can fit cup sizes D through H. As you can see, this isn't going to replace your favorite underwire bra, and it won't give you the sky high lift that so many of us crave. However, it's a great option for taking your dog out/making spaghetti at home/playing Plants versus Zombies while lying in bed. I even felt happy enough in it to wear it out to dinner with a sweater over it and to a quick trip to Target.

I almost always wear an underwire bra at home, so I tried going without while I washed the BreastNest as an experiment in contrasts. Everything from making my bed to doing chores around the house was hard, whereas the same activities in the BreastNest were pretty comfortable. I even played an hour of piano in it and felt fairly supported, which I have never done without a bra before.

Due to the high-quality materials and support structure, I'm fairly sure that if I handwash my BreastNest it will hold up for a long time. The opposite side of this is pretty obvious: cost. An Ahh Bra is half the price of a BreastNest, which will make it seem like more of an investment for some. Having tried both, I'd bet on the BreastNest coming out ahead in terms of cost per wear.

I'd absolutely pay for another one of these in the future and would love to see other colors besides black become available. I know a white version is in the works, but I'd love to see a red or a navy blue version. Since BreastNest is a small company, I suspect this kind of thing can only happen with increased demand.

Susan (the owner and designer of BreastNest) has created a discount code for you lovely readers if you want to try one yourself. The code works as either Holly or holly and will give you $4 off a BreastNest.

Have you tried any full bust friendly wireless bras? What do you think of the BreastNest?