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Start Your Day Off Right with Day of the Week Knickers!

By Holly:

When I first started buying lingerie, I bought only matching sets. It was one of the only rules I had when shopping, as it seemed like a waste to me to have bras and knickers that didn’t match.

Fast-forward to this month when due to my work schedule, basic things like showers and regular laundry sessions seemed like luxury activities. Last week, I even announced that I had done dishes like it was some kind of Olympic achievement. Suddenly, I understood that having a wide variety of knicker options (and a large collection of clean ones) is a valuable thing.

It wasn’t until I started researching that I realized that non-matching knickers open up a whole new world of lingerie for full-busted women. I had written off a lot of designers since they didn’t make bras in my size (which is terribly unfair), without realizing that they made gorgeous knickers that would fit me perfectly.

I don’t know if I’m nearing a quarter life crisis or what, but I found myself really attracted to day of the week knicker sets that some designers are putting out. I never had day of the week panties as a child, but as an adult the idea appeals to me. I was thrilled to discover there are designers making gorgeous day of the week sets for us grownups now!

This Stella McCartney set was the first one I ran across, and it may still be my favorite. The knickers are made of a pink silk blend and embroidered with the days of the week and intricate floral patterns. If all this wasn’t enough, check out the packaging! I love the set of drawers they come in, and can think of all kinds of uses for them. They’d also make an amazing gift for someone.

Smartee Pants (sold via Austique) is making this more casual set. I’m addicted to jewel-tone lingerie, and this set has some amazing colors in it. As a bonus, they include a “Happy Day” pair so you don’t have to explain why you’re wearing your Tuesday knickers on Sunday to someone.

I’ve been coveting pieces from Mary Green’s lingerie line forever, and I’m even more of a fan now that I’ve seen this day of the week knicker set from her. I think of her as using only silk, but this set is made of cotton/spandex, and I suspect it would be incredibly comfortable. It also comes with some inspired packaging that turns it into a great gift set. These knickers seem like a great compromise between feminine details and everyday comfort.

For the really adventurous among us, these Milli stretch lace thongs may be the perfect way to count the days of the week. I’ve been hearing about the wonders of stretch lace lingerie for a awhile now, and this set is ultra-sexy.

Etsy is becoming a showcase for some stunning new lingerie designers, and Alicia Rose is my latest discovery. Alicia specializes in knickers that are embroidered and then hand-painted with her original illustrations. Her day of the week knicker set is truly a work of art.

Do you have day of the week knickers that you love? Does it bother you if you wear the wrong day?