Valentine’s Day Lingerie Shopping Guide – $49.99 or Less

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Last year, I skipped doing the Valentine’s Day Lingerie Shopping Guides. Between moving to California, traveling to the Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris, and then attending Curve in New York, I just felt too overwhelmed. But I realized, right around the time I usually would have been writing the guides, that I missed doing them.

It can sometimes feel odd assembling another round of lingerie shopping guides rather after our popular annual holiday shopping guides in December, but I also feel like it makes sense. This time of year is when people are interested in lingerie – when they’re ready to buy and try something new. If I can help sort though all the thousands of items out there and help find the gems among them…well, that’s work worth doing.

As always, our lingerie shopping guides cross a wide range of categories, from accessories to loungewear to hosiery, and include both plus size and core size items. I was impressed at the breadth of product available for this year’s $49.99 and below guide. There truly is a little something for everyone.

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