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Monthly Archives

February 2012

By: Kristina   We’ve all seen the ads on TV claiming to improve our well being, make us more beautiful, simplify our lives, and basically transform us into shining beacons of perfection. But exactly how accurate are these claims? Infomercials are known for hyping up products that we never knew we needed. Will my life really be improved if I call and order today? Can I really look like a […]

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Today’s Ask the Addict inquiry comes from Pamella on Twitter, who writes: Definitely! One of my favorite kimonos of all time is La Lilouche’s ‘Sophia’ silk kimono, pictured below. Not only is that heart cutout pure lingerie perfection, Liya (the designer behind La Lilouche) makes everything by hand. And at $178, the price is comparable to what you’d purchase from a larger, factory-made label. If lace is more your style […]

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By: Pippa The Triumph Doreen bra was first launched in 1967, and the company claims it is the “world’s best selling bra.” It is a non-wired bra, yet Triumph says it offers exceptional support for larger breasts, giving lift and therefore reducing back pains and strains. It uses a split bottom cup to give better volume since the more pieces make up the cup, the easier it is to achieve […]

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You may have noticed that posting has been a little less… robust than usual here lately on The Lingerie Addict. While I love writing the kinds of articles you’ve come to expect from TLA, the honest truth I’ve been having more and more trouble coping with the Seattle weather lately. February is the time of year when my Seasonal Affective Disorder reaches its peak (or its valley, depending on your […]

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