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Why is the Triumph Doreen Bra So Popular? A Review

By: Pippa

The Triumph Doreen bra was first launched in 1967, and the company claims it is the "world's best selling bra." It is a non-wired bra, yet Triumph says it offers exceptional support for larger breasts, giving lift and therefore reducing back pains and strains. It uses a split bottom cup to give better volume since the more pieces make up the cup, the easier it is to achieve a perfect fit.

The bra is made up of 48 different pattern pieces and is available up to a 48K cup. Triumph reports that the most popular size sold is a 36D. Cups are suspended on a cup frame, which keeps the cups close to the body and projects the breasts. Considering how popular Triumph says this bra is worldwide, it's surprising that you rarely see it advertised, and it’s become clear that Triumph doesn't want to talk about it.

According to Tony Jarvis, sales and marketing manager for Triumph, the company is keen to move on from the success of the Doreen, as they are doing much more work with a younger market now, which may be put off by the Doreen bra. The bra supposedly has a very loyal market, which is why I found it surprising when I couldn’t find anybody I knew who wore it. Online stockist FigLeaves conducted a piece of market research to find out who was actually buying this bra, and found that the majority of sales were made up by the baby boom generation, who are now in their late 50s and older.

I believe this loyalty to the brand is due to the fact that these women have been wearing the Doreen for many years, and are less aware of other options available to them. The baby boom generation, as a whole, is also less concerned with following current trends and fashions, and therefore are not put off by the somewhat restrictive style of the bra. It’s also worth remembering that one generation's idea of style and class is different to another. The Doreen bra is a very good example of this. Today’s fashion dictates the lingerie market heavily; thin straps and plunging necklines are all due to the changing fashion trends.

I’m surprised that a bra similar to the Doreen, offering the same amount of support and lift, has not been produced for the younger market. Research shows that the average breast size has gone up from a 34B to a 36D in recent years, showing a greater need for more supportive bras than ever before.

I have tried the Triumph Doreen bra and found that the fit was second to none. The bra offered excellent lift and good support. However, I found the very pointed breast shape that the cup projects quite dated and wasn’t something I would be comfortable wearing. Most of all, I found the bra far too restricting due to incredibly heavy elastic, which I felt was much wider than necessary in my size. I found that the cup frame sat well against the body, but sat very high up on the breastbone. This bra would not sit well under a lot of today's fashions as it simply offers too much coverage and heavy strapping.

I agree that the Doreen bra offers excellent fit and if that were the only factor, I would completely understand why this bra is so popular. But the bra's aesthetic values must also be taken into account. The bra is quite claustrophobic due to the heavyweight materials used, and therefore I can’t see many young women today willing to wear this bra.

Or am I wrong...? Have you tried the Doreen? What do you think? Share your thoughts below.

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Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

52 Comments on this post

  1. Bella says:

    I’m 21 and just bought this bra. Honestly, I’m converted; it is insanely comfortable and gives the perfect vintage silhouette under clothing if you are into clothes from the 40s through to the 60s! And while it isn’t cheap per se, it is much cheaper than a lot of reproduction lingerie out there. Intend to keep on buying Doreen for as long as they keep making her!

  2. Bill b says:

    I Am a man with gynecomastia my breast size is 46d/dd I have tried many different bras over the years per my doctors advice the triumph Doreen bra is a perfect size and fit for me the wide straps are great for support and do not dig into my shoulders as I move

  3. Toobee says:

    Thank you for this interesting article about the Triumph Doreen Bra, its origins and especially the reluctance of Triumph to even talk about this product. As you encouraged comments about the Doreen, I would like to add to the postings.

    Yes, it is true that the Doreen is not really flattering in comparison to the current design of Bras. On the other hand, question is, does it need to be if the wearer likes it because of the special fit and support this bra gives. I have tried the various incarnations of the Doreen. The Doreen Fleur has a very nice fabric and looks at least a little more modern, but the fit is different. The vertical seam of the right hand side cup digs into my skin at the bottom of the cup just above the underband, which is bearable but not comfortable and the underband is tighter although I am wearing it in the same size as the Original. The Doreen Delicate looks nice, but does not give the same support as the Original. What really bothers my are the plastic side supports which tend to fold up at the bottom and dig into the sides of the ribcage. Not nice. The Doreen Cotton is an alternative I like to wear. It fits well and gives good support.

    The Original is still different. With many Bra types and manufacturers I have a rolling underband which can get troublesome in the late afternoon. Even with plastic side supports the underband can and does roll up. This gets worse with some Sports Bras with a wide underband which does not roll up but rather tends to fold up on itself and then painfully digs into the skin at the side of the ribcage. The ShockAbsorber D+ is one of those although otherwise good to wear. All this does not happen with the original Doreen. No roll up, no plastic parts digging in, no seams hurting. I don’t know why and how the design does this. It just works for me. The frame sits flat on my ribcage and the cups give strong support through the day. It feels as if the girls are „packed in“ without any wobble or movement. The Bra feels snug and the wide straps add to the fit. This is a wearing experience I really like and which makes me feel good. In two words: Maximum Comfort! The only slight gripe I have with the Doreen is the shape of the cups. They are not the currently popular rounded domes, but have a tendency to give a more pointed shape. I have the impression, that virtually every three piece cup has a similar shape. With the Doreen, the shape gets more rounded after several wears and washes. Nevertheless the breasts remain more pronounced than with other bras which, being a male with larger breasts, can be troublesome although my natural shape is similar and I can’t hide a 40C effectively anyway. With a T-Shirt or Polo the shape of the Doreen is just too obvious. Flattening styles are better in warmer weather and so the Doreen is something I wear during the colder days where it is easier to hide or let’s rather say avoid attention. I could of course have my breasts removed surgically, but I would feel mutilated on the one hand and on the other hand my girls are something which was given to me by nature and is a part of my existence. Having them for about 38 years now made me get used to them.

    Does the Doreen look old fashioned? Yes, definitely. The design is very classic. Pure 70ties. I would prefer a design more like the Doreen Fleur but without the vertical seams digging in. There must be some difference in the construction between the two. Triumph has modernized the Doreen with the many great colors available. Okay, in Germany white and nude is standard and sometimes even black is available, but the wonderful other colors available in the UK (Cerise, Lilac and Holly Berry are gorgeous) can only be bought Online, which I just can’t understand from a marketing standpoint. Triumph produces these colors so why not make them available everywhere? Besides from that the Doreen series also consisted of Panty Girdles with even a sturdy high waist zipped Girdle. Okay, the times of these items along with the superb Ideal Comfort Corselette, Girdle and Bra have seem to have passed away, but looking at the prices of these Shapewear Items Online if they are available at all, there is definitely a market for them. Looking at the current products from Triumph, I feel that they are forgetting their wide potential customer base in only focusing on the flimsy modern designs. I am grateful that the Doreen is still produced (perhaps I should really stock them up in case production is given up), but there have been so many designs like the Geraldine (I have always wanted one in Dark Blue), the Allegra and many others which have gone out of production. Why? What about the customers who want sturdy and reliable shapewear along with bra designs similar in comfort and support to the Doreen? Why hasn’t Triumph managed to design a modern Bra with the same fit and comfort as the Doreen? The technology and knowledge is available. Triumph seems to be able to afford neglecting their possible and substantial markets and looking especially at the ShapeWear Section no other manufacturer known to me has produced anything comparable in comfort, reliance, durability and shaping power to the whole Ideal Line. No one has ever used a fabric comparable to the Ideal Comfort Line which was sleek on the outside and cotton lined and comfortable on the inside. Why doesn’t Triumph continue to produce something they did really well and in addition to that offer their modern designs for those who want them? There is no contradiction just more money to be made, by offering products to a wide section of customers. Perhaps this is also a modern Corporate Strategy to turn away from successful products just because they don’t fit into some new ideas instead of just doing both and evolving and growing. Does anyone remember Moving Comfort from the US? Great innovative Company with great products really focussing on their customers with a great slogan „A fit woman is a powerful woman“. My favorite Bras have been the Juno and the Maia. All gone for ever. The management sold their wonderful company to Brooks and the result is a decline in design, variety and quality at an increase in price of course. That is modern Corporate Strategy.

    Coming back to the Doreen I would recommend anyone to give it a try and not be put off by the initial scratchiness (scratchiness meaning that the fabric can’t be ignored on the skin), design and cup shape before washing. I am sure, that you won’t regret it.

    • Caroline Turner says:

      I totally agree the Doreen original is fantastic. Fed up with Triumph promoting image over substance. Should create a fan group petitioning Triumph to manufacture the Doreen in smaller back sizes again….no idea how I would cope if they discontinued the Doreen!

      • Adrian Watson says:

        Please do create a fan group asking Triumph to manufacture smaller back sizes! My partner is 30HH and wishes that more ‘basic’ and functional bras like the Doreen were available in her size, as well as corselettes and bodysuits.

  4. Yvonne says:

    Triumph Lingerie has been my favorite for the last 30+ years and I’m positive it will remain the best always

  5. Anita says:

    Definitely recommend this bra it keeps breasts were thay should be with no bounce or sag and comfortable all day long am a 42 f

  6. Karie says:

    I’m rather surprised in the number of people on here giving negative comments on this bra based only on appearance. What has our society come to that women now feel the need to look “sexy” 24/7? Are you going to work or to do the shopping without a shirt? Bras/underwear are made to serve a function. They are made to support our bodies and be comfortable. If you are looking for something that is sexy… well, that’s called lingerie. You put it on a few minutes before you begin sexy times in order to get your partner (or yourself, even) in the mood. And then, after about 20 minutes or so, you take it off. Why do people feel like they need to be sexy underneath their clothes while they are working, or otherwise carrying on their day? As far as the high neckline, yes, I can understand how that would be bothersome when trying to wear a low cut shirt or dress. But are you really wearing them that often? It seems like this (from the reviews) would be an excellent every day bra. If you wear low cut tops to go out or whatever, have a special bra for that. I just don’t understand sacrificing comfort for beauty when it comes to an item that is not made to be seen by anyone other than a woman and her partner. And if the partner wants you to sacrifice comfort on a daily basis just so you don’t look like a grandma on the off chance you decide to have a spontaneous romp in the kitchen, well, might want to rethink your choice of partners.

    As a 33 year old woman who is a 40H, I am elated by all of the positive reviews on this bra. I have spent literally YEARS suffering in horribly uncomfortable bras. Firstly, by cramming my breasts into bras several sizes too small. As an American, I can tell you that my country knows absolutely JACK about how to do a proper bra fit. I was told by the ladies at Victoria’s Secret for years that I was a 38DD. Which caused great confusion for me when I bought dozens of bras in that size only to have them constantly pinching, cutting off circulation, and spill my boobs out in every direction. I thought “surely, this isn’t how bras are SUPPOSED to fit??” I finally learned the proper way to do a fit, and was able to measure myself at home. Here I found I was a 40K. I thought, ok, no wonder I’ve been so miserable all these years! Unfortunately, again… AMERICA. This country has a serious aversion to making bras for the larger breasted woman. Even the so-called “plus sized” bra stores over here didn’t seem to offer anything in my size. I read online that Europeans are much better when it comes to bra fitting, so I did some research, learned that my US 40K translates to a UK 40H, and started buying online from stores in London and having them shipped.

    It was like my life changed. Suddenly, I wasn’t spilling out of my bras. I wasn’t having painful indentions in my shoulders at the end of a long day. It was a dream come true.

    Except for one thing… the underwire. No matter how well a bra fits, I still have problems with the wire. As I work long hours, an underwire bra that started off feeling great in the morning leaves my boobs aching by the end of the day. Not only that, but as bras tend to be so expensive, and I (we?) tend to buy a few and then wear them until they fall apart, I have had many occasions where I suddenly found myself being speared in the chest or ribs, only to get to the bathroom and discover that my underwire had finally worn a hole and poked free of the material, leaving it to stab into my skin. OUCH.

    I have long heard that, for women with big chests, an underwire is the only thing that can offer decent support. I thought, surely this can’t be true. We’ve put a man on the moon, for goodness sakes, surely there is some technology or material that can handle comfortably holding up breasts for 18 hours a day. Some kind of space polymer or something??? I did some research and found a few bras that were marketed as being super supportive sans wire, with soft, thick foam on the underside to cup and hold the breast. Terrific! One problem? They aren’t available in anything bigger than a 6″ bust-to-band difference. I have a 12″ bust-to-band difference. Once again, the bra industry’s discrimination of large breasts leaves me out in the cold.

    So, needless to say, when all of my googling finally turned up the Doreen, and all of the reviews talked about how wonderful it is and how comfortable, and how supportive it is of large breasts with NO WIRES, I was elated. I jumped online to order one today so that I could try it for myself. I was sad (but not surprised) to find that it was only available in my size in three colors (black, white, and nude). But, again, it’s not for looks, it’s for comfort. If it works out, I will happily buy 2 of each (or maybe just 3 each of the black and nude, as I’m not a fan of white bras… they discolor too quickly). Still, it’s disappointing that us large chested girls are so much of an afterthought that they can’t even bother to give us color options. As I wear scrubs all day and have to bend and move a lot, my coworkers sometimes catch a brief glimpse of my bra or strap. Don’t want them to think I wear the same black bra every day and never change it, haha.

    To end this exceptionally long diatribe, let me just say that I am cautiously (I’ve been burned so many times) optimistic about this bra. I really hope it is the answer to all of my prayers. I am ready to end what my friends have begun to refer to as “The Bra Chronicles”. If it’s as comfortable as they say, I will buy them up. Grandma-look, be damned. I’m not worried about the pointed shape, either. That seems like more of a problem for the smaller chested girls. I’m certain my boobs will spread that point right out into a more natural shape.

    Wish me luck, ladies!

    • Madeleine says:

      I hope you love your Doreen as much as I do. I won’t wear any other bra. In my 20s and early 30s I went through literally hundreds of bras of every type. In my mid-30s I finally refused to ever again torture myself with underwires. They are horribly painful, and I have no idea where women got the notion that underwires are supportive. Sure, there are some really beautiful underwire bras, but I will not endure pain for a ‘pretty’ bra. After finding wireless vintage bras on eBay, I was finally comfortable and supported. I could not understand why bra manufacturers stopped making the gorgeous, sexy, lacy, wire-free bras that I had found in vintage selections. Happily, I discovered the Doreen in my mid-30s. I’m 54 now, and it’s all I will wear (except for bringing out one of my vintage beauties for special occasions). Just for information purposes, I wear a size 38E. Good luck!

    • M Collins says:

      I agree with all of this. I’m a Brit living in the USA and I’m a certified bra fitter for J C Penney. It’s a fascinating job and sometimes it makes a real difference, when I find a client the right bra and she gets to see her real waistline, now her boobs aren’t in the way.

      I too, have a gripe about US cup size, but it’s not just about the manufacturers. I don’t know if it’s part of a puritanical outlook or what, but a lot of my customers need to feel they are a small cup size. I have had women cry because they measure a DDD cup, despite any assurance that a triple D isn’t big at all. Women insist they are a C and force their poor girls into tiny cups, with band sizes that are much too big. They’re unhappy with their bras, they’re unhappy about the discomfort and the look, but they will not even try a bra if the cup size sounds too big.

    • Sue says:

      I see your post is a few years old. I wonder how you got on with the Doreen bra.
      I have worn them for many years and i hope you love them as much as i do.

  7. Victoria says:

    I’m a rather young 44 years old and I love my Doreen bra. For ten years I abandoned the Doreen and fell for the spin of “oh you must wear an underwire for support” and for ten years I have spent a fortune on feeling uncomfortable and in pain. NO MORE!!!
    I have returned to my faithful Doreen and feel a different woman.
    The Delicate Doreen is just a good and comes a wonderful soft baby pink.

  8. Maria says:

    Frankly, I have wore them all my life and I have never had “conical” breasts.” When I tried to use other ones because I wanted to see what was available in my size (38 C-D), I got backaches, boob-spillage over the chest, and pain when the bus bounced.

    What I see now, after wearing Doreen for 30 years (I am 42), is that my breasts have not sagged even though I am a swimmer and that my back does not hurt even when I spin 5 times a week or more.

    If I want to wear something that looks different–more lace, more see-through, less coverage–I go to a lingerie shop and get myself something that is not intended for support. But to keep everything at the height it should be and to prevent sagging and back pain, I use the Doreen.

  9. Vambéry says:

    I’m 27 and I now own 3 Doreen bras in 3 different colors. I was looking for a soft cup bra in my size (32F) last year because I became hyper-sensitive and underwires started bruising me. I bought the Doreen in 34E (sister size to my 32F since they don’t carry it) and I would actually suggest doing that, going one band size up and one cup size down when buying this bra, because of the very snug band fit.

    It is true that the look isn’t very young nor sexy. Luckily for me, neither me nor my boyfriend actually care, and we both agree that the look this bra gives to my breasts under clothes is spectacular ! Incredible lift, and the pointiness is subtle enough to give a retro-feel without being terrifying : they still look like breasts, not traffic cones.
    With high-waist panties and stockings, I can even manage to feel sexy in a classic pinup way.

    The only limitation is that it comes up really high and allows absolutely no cleavage whatsoever, which greatly limits my clothing choices. Except with vintage dresses and tops : it is almost perfectly period appropriate for anything between 1940 and 1960 !

    I have tried the Doreen + cotton in my usual size and found that the lift and support just wasn’t as good, so I’ll stick to the classic one. I’m just sad to be outside the range of the longline version !
    I also recommend the Playtex cross your heart bra for those who like the Doreen and want to try another style of slightly pointy, wireless bra. The sizing range is acceptable and although the support is less fierce than that of the Doreen, it is still quite good for my F cups. Also it comes up a little lower than the Doreen, although not much.

    • Giovanna says:

      Hello, first of all sorry for the translation but I’m Italian and I do not know English well. Blessed you who have the boyfriend who likes Doreen how did you make him pleasure? My boyfriend says I’m to old and not sexy sin I’m sorry for him but I love them and wear them ALWAYS also because it is the only one that makes me feel at ease and having a reducing effect because I too have a 34E and are very lean I have often thought about the breast reduction but I’m afraid. A good hug Sunday.

      • V says:

        I’m sorry your boyfriend doesn’t like your bra but please take my advice and stick with what makes you comfortable and happy. For far too long I went with what was fashionable and for years was in agony. I am a “young” 44 years old and I have gone back to wearing my Doreen bra. It really is the best and offers outstanding comfort. If your boyfriend loves you, he will support you in YOUR choice of bra. Best wishes. X

    • Caroline Turner says:

      I have the same issue with back size. Am apparently a 30H however get away with a 34F although would be better off with a 32 back size. Even though not quite correct back size is way better and far more comfortable then bras in my size. Just want comfort and functionality not Image!

  10. Boris Lazlo says:

    Wouldn’t be without my Doreen bras, most comfortable bras I’ve ever had. Wear them at home or gardening, little pointy to wear out without attracting stares.
    Always change into a Doreen bra as soon as I get in after a day shopping or work.

  11. Renuka de Lima says:

    Well, I’m 61 and a 36D size and still run three times a week. I use the Doreen bra as a sports bra. it is better than any sports bra I have tried. I do feel it is too restrictive for everyday wear but I have yet to find a bra that is not underwired (which I do not like) that gives me suport and that is comfortabble Where are those bra designers?

  12. moureen says:

    Hey i am looking for size 30 G or H of Longline bra. Someone help me.

  13. Lou says:

    I love the Doreen and have been wearing it since my 20’s as I’m a D cup and also as an alternative to my balconette bras which I also love and wear with lower necked tops. I would never admit to wearing Doreen due to it’s mumsy image but wear it under all my high necked jumpers and shirts as it is the most comfortable bra ever and gives a fantastic shape – no monoboob with a Doreen! It’s a great winter bra I just have to hope I never get taken to acident and emergency with one on!

    • Bridget says:

      Hi why worry honey as im sure they would think quite well of you as i guess you can imagine some of the manky type’s they have to deal with and atleast your well dressed.
      My nurse friend wear them for work as like me are grateful for the support/fit/comfort they give as nothing worse than looking/being like looking like having face chewing a wasp when dealing with uncomfortable bra’s fidgeting around.
      I sure can think of a lot worse than these to wear one’s that have cost a lot more also.
      Had a goddess one that was awful. mind do like the Ellia 1305 really good if large breasted very recommended

  14. Bridget says:

    Hi i love this bra was one of the first bra’s my mum bought me when i became a TG woman as have female genes(inter sex)now a DD/E cup and have always liked the feel/fit and support and can wear to the office/work and also comfortable when driving unlike some for long days.
    ive many more expensive bra’s like prima donna/marie jo etc but these are still one of my fave’s for when you need something comfortable and glad they have brought out more colours Just bought the tea rose colour
    I also like the deluxe version.
    Do have a longline one for a special night!
    but i guess like most things one thing that fits one won’t another but for me hope they keep making as i will buy them as love the fullness and shape it gives you.

  15. Jan says:

    I love the Doreen Triumph, have some trouble filling it with my A cup breasts in a 46 banad size. I would love them to build a 46A cup in a longline. It gives me so much shape and the guys really like my lines. I just have to help the filling out a little, the pointy cups are just what a girl needs to attract the boys. The girls may not like the points but the majority of the guys really get excited when they show up!

  16. Janet says:

    I am a Doreen convert! I love the feel and the support. I wear a long line bra for work (12 hrs a day) an then come home and change into a usual one. My husband loves hooking me into the longline :) I like the shape plus – I had to run today AND nothing moved :))

  17. rosalind says:

    I have always needed this doreen bra and have worn it since I was about 25 and I am 55 now.I dont consider myself old or a fuddy duddy at all.My husband comes with me bra buying and holds up this bra waving it to me if he finds it in the shops.He likes to call it DORIS which makes me laugh.I have been size 35 to 48 b,c,dd,e,f,g,h,j and k cup over the years in EACH bra size.Every other type bra I tried either cut in,I fell out of,it pushed me up in the boobs even further so I spilt out the top.Or the bra hurt with metal,bones or whatever.The straps were to thin,too tight,the bras didnt support me etc.The triumph doreen bra might seem bulky but it keeps a womans boob shape over the years-despite nature trying to let em hang out all ways and directions.Who cares what men think.Comfort is everything.I just wish they made it in more exciting colours like blue,red,green,black,purple in the k cup.I had a 36-25 36 hourglass shape once like catherine zeta jones.Ah.Those were the days….

  18. fifa says:

    I love this bra I’m a 38e cup my sister is a 34g cup we both agree this is the best fitting bra for big boobed ladies it offers fabulous fit and lift for big bust and a nice shape I’m 32 now but have been wearing this bra pattern for nearly 10 years I have tried other cheap and expensive brands I thought may do the same job but have always returned to triumph doreen.
    I just wish it would offer discounts or value packs, more colours and matching undies although u can get a few different designs and fabrics in it now.

  19. MiniM says:

    This is the only bra I feel comfortable in. I wear a 36DD and any other model makes me feel fat and unsupported. The Doreen is not glamorous, I agree, but neither is it quite as industrial as some might suggest. I don’t find it a problem with quite low necklines but that might just be the way my breast sit. Also, I don’t get that pointed effect – maybe that is an issue with the smaller sizes. I’d be lost without my Doreen :)

  20. LulaB says:

    I just bought this bra last week in pink! I’m 28yo and wear a plus size Fcup. I do favour the vintage retro styling, so I was definitely on the hunt for something authentic to the era.

    Surprisingly on my research i found the soft cup is available in more colours other than black/white/nude – though harder to find. There is also a offering of the underwire doreen in a satin shine fabric which i have yet to try in what i found only in white/nude. Also I did see a few longline versions, but not in my size :(

    I found the bra surprisingly comfortable. I was hesistant to purchase a soft cup bra as I wasn’t sure if the support would be there. It was, though not as much as what a underwired bra would give, so i’m definitely wanting try that version.

    I love the authentic vintage design and the bullet/pointed shape lifts the breast and defines the waistline. The straps are comfortable for me, i’m used to the thicker strap as most plus size/large bust bras have thicker straps. I can understand the hesitancy if you were of a smaller frame and bust as the proportions would possibly not be so appealing. I love the pink colour and wish they offered more colour options.

    Overall i really love this bra. If anyone knows of other vintage designs still available today please let me know, i would love to try them out! :)

    • MT says:

      Although I wear Doreen (38E) and am quite happy with it myself, I would suggest you could give Glamorise a try. Check out their website as they claim to be producing bras specifically suited to plus sizes (with comfort straps and cushioned underwires in pretty and sometimes vintage designs).

  21. Mimi says:

    Seriously, this is the only bra that fits me and doesn’t give out half-way through the day or ten wearings in. I keep trying other bras and coming back to this. I do not like the cone shape, and it doesn’t always work with a low-cut outfit without some serious adjusting–and the first time I put it on, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was wearing my grandma’s bra–but I can’t find anything that compares for durability and fit. If anyone finds one, please let the younger world know!

  22. Allison says:

    Agree with the other posts, nice comfy bra. I often wear the long line version along with a girdle for a real “sweater girl” look. May be quite “industrial” in its construction but so well fitting I happily wear it every day. B/f wore it for a vicars & tarts night – shaped his manboobs wonderfully, no padding needed much to his embarrassment.

  23. Mrs Phyllis Cage says:

    I have over the years worn all sorts and makes of bra and I find that the Doreen underwired bra the best for looks, fit and comfort. I only wish that more shops would stock them and that I didnt have to sit and trawl the internet to find one. I am neither small nor large being a 34 DD size and like this bra out of all the ones currently on the market. Please dont discontinue it like most shops seem to do as soon as one finds one that one like and is confortable.

  24. Ollie says:

    I’m 21 and I love a little rockabilly..and the pointed bra. I have the type of chest that needs support so
    I would get this. I would dilute it in water and dye it though and maybe crank up a sewing machine to modify if to “modern times” but I like it. Some smaller breast don’t fill in the pointy soft cup and actually look very pointy, but I find larger breasts somewhat soften the points. If worn right it sculpts your upper body very nicely

  25. Lily says:

    I’ve been looking at this bra because I want a more conical shape, and retro feel for under vintage clothes…I considered this bra but was unsure whether it would support my 34E breasts, now I’ve read this though… I’m off to buy it!

    Oh, and I’m 19 years old… So there might be like .0002% interest in it? :P

  26. Evadne R says:

    If you’re big busted and like retro styling, this is an excellent bra – many retro lingerie makers do not do the same large sizes as the Doreen. Also it is super supportive – very good if you have heavy breasts and a bad back, and stays comfortable all day. I love pretty lingerie, but when it comes to being comfortable at work or even play, this is the bra for me – I have pretty bras for when I need them, but day to day, I need something to do a good job. I can’t have wires as my rib cage is the wrong shape – and the Doreen is ideal. Also it isn’t as pointy as you may think – not like a bullet bra – it his much softer. It stops bounce and improves posture, and it doesn’t just hang your boobs from your shoulders like most large size bras. It’s not a ‘date’ bra, but as an every day, comfortable, supportive, silhouette and posture boosting item, I suggest you try it before you decide it’s arcane. It also stays in shape after many washes, and comes in lots of colours. I’m 31 and have been wearing them since I was 24, and I swear by them. Amazing.

    • Danica says:

      Hello. I am thinking about buying one but I am wondering about sizing. Do you have any thoughts on the sizing? I currently wear a 32D (USA size). Thanks for your help.

      • Vambéry says:

        I hope this answer doesn’t come too late, but I think you could try a 34D in the Doreen : I am a (UK, but I think it’s the same as US sizing) 32F and I found that the Doreen in 34E fits perfectly, due to the very snug band ! I’m going to leave a full reply to the post below, since I own and regularly wear the Doreen bra (and I’m only 27, so probably not the usual wearer !)

  27. Jodi says:

    Well, I’m a baby boomer, and I would never, ever wear that bra, even if it came in my size (which it doesn’t).

    It looks like something my great-grandma would have worn.

    Give me Chantelle or Freya instead.

  28. Thursday says:

    I like the retro look of a pointed cup – but not on myself! As has been mentioned already, brands like What Katie Did do the bullet bra in some pretty styles, but even as a 26 year old vintage enthusiast, I don’t enjoy the look for myself. That being said, even with only a B cup bust, I find far too many contemporary bra styles for the younger market which focus too much on sexy without meeting the requirements of comfort. One is examples is twinned bra straps – they drive me mad.

  29. KathTea says:

    As a lazy A-cup (I tend to go braless or sports bra) I won’t feel the need to buy that bra. Triumph is the leading brand over here in Malaysia, however, sis and I are kind of bored by their dated patterns and shapes (the cups tend to have a bit of pointy-ness to them) so much so we now shop at La Senza. If I wanted something pointy, it would probably be for novelty so I’d go for What Katie Did and Stockings & Romance Bullet Bras instead.

  30. Karolina says:

    I’ve heard amazing things about how comfy the Doreen is but it’s not exactly something I can test myself – their smallest size is a 34B, not exactly ideal for a 28DD/30D…

  31. We have been selling this bra since we opened our shop 24 years ago! Despite the fit and comfort of the bra being unquestionable, we have to agree with your article in that many of our customers do not like the rather pointy shape and extra coverage it gives. This is reflected in a decline in demand for the bra over the past few years, although we still have one or two exceptionally loyal customers!

    • Varsha says:

      true! i am one of them. pls dont stop makin these. its fits like a dream. i have sivere back problems cos i am heavy busted, and this bra has been the answer to my problem. I dont mind the fact that its not that attractive, because comfort comes first, and mind you in am just 26 yrs. :) This bra is holds like no other bra.

  32. MsT says:

    I have a sports bra that is very similarly shaped. Hands down it is the most supportive bra I own. It gives amazing lift and shape to my breasts. I always laugh when I wear it cuz my breasts look better in my sloppy t-shirt in this crazy bra than anything else. Style-wise its too ugly and functional looking for me to want to wear it outside of my work-outs. I would looove to see this kind of fit and lift with an updated aesthetic appeal. Bras really don’t need the underwires if its well designed and well-seamed.

  33. Lillefix says:

    I would buy it if it came in my size, as June says it’s pretty much impossible to find a good soft cup bra in 28HH/J, the few that exists do not work for me, and I’d really like a soft cup bra to use when sleeping, or lounging. I would find it impractical to wear during the day however, because most necklines would fall too low on me, I don’t mind higher necklines, but few end up being that on me, and I also prefer an underwired bra when I’m up and about.

  34. June says:

    Honestly? I wish I could find a nice soft cup bra like that that actually came in my size! Because my breasts are so soft it’s hard to find bras that fit well and full-cup bras give me the best shape. However, soft cup bras are nearly impossible to find in a 28HH. Grr…

    I imagine part of the appeal is that many of us older women (ok I’m nowhere near 50, but my body has been through a lot of weight changes!!) prefer the very full cups. Firmer breasts just do better with lower cup bras than soft breasts and they stay put in them better too (for instance, plunge bras always make me have spillage towards the middle).

    However, the style could use some improvement. The design looks quite blah. If they’d spruce that up a bit I’d be on board. :D

  35. astrid says:

    I’m only in my thirties, but I love old school soft cup bras in terms of fit, support, comfort and shape. I know I’m in the minority but I think the pointy look is cute and sexy in a retro way. However, I find the Doreen and other similar bras quite unattractive. They are also unpractical to wear under low-cut tops. Still, I’ve seen the Doreen in tea rose and bright pink, which I found much prettier than the usual white version and have been wondering if I could pull it off with high waisted brief for a pin-up look.

  36. I totally agree with you…esthetically, not going to appeal to the younger gals. Comfort wise, I take your word. This is probably only going to be a great seller for the pin up models etc..

  37. I agree it’s not the daintiest looking thing is it? However comfortable and supportive it may be (I haven’t tried it myself) a younger customer would definitely look for something far prettier. There are bras out there that offer the same great support, fit like a dream and look amazing. There are even other pointed cup bras that do this (I’m thinking of the What katie Did bullet bras here)
    Very interesting post x

    • I am in my 40s and i have struggled to get a a bra that is comfortably for years and i ended up wearing my old marternity bra for 14 years as i find it the only bra that was comfortable i decidede in the end that i needed a new bra as my merternity bra was getting worn and started losing its support so i bought the doreen bra and i find it very comfortably and it fits comfortably round the band and bust the only done side to this bra is that it makes my bust look pointy i am a 36 D and i was thinking is it because of my bust size that the bra makes them look pointy but the one question i want to ask other women my age would you wear this bra despite it making ur boobs pointy ?

  38. I probably would wear that bra as a lounge bra, if it wouldn’t offer that dreaded pointy look which I find highly unflattering. I think the pointy look can look good on smaller cup sizes, but as I am 38-40 H in cup size, I think it would be rather scary to see these knockers in a pointy shape.

    I wish brands would make more appealing wireless bras as they’d be so great around the house. The Doreen does look kinda cute in that Tea rose -coloring I’ve seen somewhere.

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