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made by niki

When Made by Niki released their very first string collection in 2011, it caused a sensation. Like Fleur of England’s lace appliqué Boudoir Bra, I consider Made by Niki’s string bra and skirt to be one of today’s great modern lingerie stories. When I’m thinking of pieces that may eventually be part of a 21st century lingerie exhibition, this is one undoubtedly one. For reasons unknown, everything on Made by […]

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Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links. If asked the age-old adage, “Can money buy happiness?” chances are you would already know the answer is, “No,” broadly speaking. You’ve probably seen articles about shared on Facebook and of course the complete answer is much more nuanced… So how does that apply to daily life, and to lingerie? Lingerie straddles the line between “material possession” and “experience.” The studies have shown […]

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. We’re kicking off the month of March with a brand new feature! Even though the weekly lingerie sales post is a TLA staple, it can be a little..intense to wade through. So we’re experimenting with a shorter, more refined list dedicated to a couple of sub-specialties in lingerie. This post is all about luxury items on sale (by which we mean pieces that had […]

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When I first heard that bras could close in the front, instead of in the unreachable, unscratchable spot on my back, I was overjoyed. Since then I’ve bought bras with front closures when I stumbled into them, but I was often unimpressed by their design; in brick and mortar stores, they tended to be rare and a little plain, without much variety. This is the conundrum of the front-closing bra: it’s […]

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Made by Niki’s A/W 2013 collection is something of a dream. It brings back several of the edgy, groundbreaking styles the brand is known for (like those delightful fringe pieces and that divine gathered tulle) and balances it out with eminently wearable lace. This is a brand that’s confident and sure of itself and that’s a delight to see.

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