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karolina laskowska

Disclosure: Karolina Laskowska is a columnist for The Lingerie Addict. Inviting Karolina Laskowska to write for TLA is probably one of the best decisions I’ve made for this blog. When she first applied, she was “just” a soon-to-be lingerie designer with lots of big ideas. Now, she’s an up-and-coming lingerie designer on multiple “One to Watch” lists. I know Karolina, both the designer and the brand, will become a force […]

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While in England for the Oxford Conference of Corsetry last year, I met up with fellow Lingerie Addict columnist Karolina Laskowska for an afternoon in London and picked up a few accessories from her eponymous lingerie line. In addition to the lace-and-spike motif bracelets I got for my punk femme girlfriend, I ended up with a strappy Lidia harness. I’ve been admiring Karolina’s strappy styles for a while. Much of her line […]

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Disclosure: Karolina Laskowska is a columnist of The Lingerie Addict. *sigh* How much do I love Karolina Laskowska’s brand new lingerie collection? I don’t know if I can even count the ways. I’ve been following Ms. Laskowska’s work since the very beginning, and it’s no exaggeration to say I think she could be the next big thing in the world of lingerie (as in really big). Karolina Laskowska is still […]

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The first lingerie set that I ever made, January 2011 Since I learned to sew in early 2011, I’ve turned into a bit of a lingerie-making machine; the space under my bed is literally stuffed full with boxes of bras and knickers. Those of you who’ve been following my antics will know that it all started in an attempt to get a place at De Montfort University for the Contour […]

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I own a lot of lingerie. People have different words for what I do: collecting, curating, or straight up hoarding. Lingerie is my job, but it’s also kind of my life. It’s my passion and my hobby. I make it. I study it. I write about it. And, of course, I wear it. My collection is probably nearing four figures of garments now. Each piece in my collection has a […]

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