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Do these gorgeously feminine pieces that harken back to the lingerie glory years of the 1920s and 30s seem familiar to you? If so, you’ve probably swooned over Honey Cooler Handmade at some point in your lingerie addiction. Recently rebranded as Evgenia, designer Stephanie Bodnar is the first intimates designer to be selected for the Fashion Incubator program at Macy’s in San Francisco. Evgenia is a nod to Stephanie’s personal […]

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It’s been a minute since I’ve written one of these features, which could really be called “Introspectives into Buyer’s Remorse.” Not that I could have actually afforded to buy most of the pieces here, of course, so I suppose it’s more like “Theoretical Buyer’s Remorse.” I keep my spirits up by imagining that somewhere in another universe (or universes) there is another me with a treasure chest full of all […]

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There’s a lengthy list of historical lingerie techniques I adore: corset flossing, crystal pleating, lace appliqué…and insertion lace. A once-popular design detail from the first half of the 20th century, insertion lace has gradually faded out of favor, primarily due to manufacturing costs. While indie brands like Evgenia Lingerie have long been known for their use of this technique, I’m glad to another name to that very short list. The […]

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You’ve made it! To the end of 2021, which is just as much of an an accomplishment as making it to the end of 2022. So in celebration of the impending new year (and also the winter solstice!), I am delighted to present a brand new lingerie shopping guide for the season. While this is ostensibly a holiday wishlist, we all know lingerie is good anytime of year, and all […]

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From winter, comes spring, a time of new beginnings following the harshness of the coldest months. After a year undeniably brutal in so many ways – ways we likely won’t even realize or understand until a long time from now – I’m hopeful 2021 heralds a return to normalcy. Or whatever our new version of it will look like anyway. It’s been a minute since I’ve done a post like […]

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