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There’s a lengthy list of historical lingerie techniques I adore: corset flossing, crystal pleating, lace appliqué…and insertion lace. A once-popular design detail from the first half of the 20th century, insertion lace has gradually faded out of favor, primarily due to manufacturing costs. While indie brands like Evgenia Lingerie have long been known for their use of this technique, I’m glad to another name to that very short list. The […]

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I’ve talked comfy panties on TLA a couple of times before, but now that it’s been a little over two years since the last article, I believe it’s time for a revisit. The topic of comfortable underwear is one I feel very passionate about. Especially when we’re talking everyday/go to work/run errand knickers, if it’s not, at bare minimum, so comfortable you forget you’re wearing it, what’s the point? There’s […]

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Protecting the environment has never looked so good! Danish brand, Underprotection, fuses sustainable materials with fashion-forward design for a collection that you can feel good about indulging in. You may recognize the name from our Lingerie Market trend recap, where their Fleur romper stood out as an excellent example of lingerie-as-outerwear. It is this versatility in their designs that gives Underprotection’s S/S 2015 collection a relaxed accessibility that is really […]

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Disclosure: Review item provided by Natural Beauty Sleep. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I’m kind of a loungewear junkie, so I was thrilled when the opportunity to try out Natural Beauty Sleep products came along. While I’ve purchased several organic silk sets before from Ayten Gasson, I was looking forward to being able to compare organic silk qualities and how different brands approached it. In some ways, Natural […]

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When I got sent the press release for Underprotection, a Danish sustainable lingerie and loungewear brand, they caught my eye. I was immediately impressed by their chic lookbook with beautiful photography — none of the hippie granola cliche of sustainability. Upon perusing their website, I found that their commitment to sustainability seems to have a solid foundation, using not only eco-friendly materials, but also using sustainable labor practices. A representative […]

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