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The Making of a Lingerie Fashion Show

Designers of pens care about making strong lines; designers of plastic bags care about sturdiness; designers of lingerie care about feeling, allure, attitude. The finished product isn’t meant just to accomplish a task, but to inspire feelings AND to do something. This is why I became a lingerie designer, because I am intrigued by the interplay between looking and being looked at. It’s fun to play with my tools (silhouette, fabric, […]

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Design by Karolina Laskowska: backstage at the catwalk show As usual, the end of term at lingerie school (aka the Contour Fashion course at De Montfort University) saw every student in a state of panic – deadlines were starting to loom from all angles and stress was mounting! Our final assignment was the corset and basque project – a rather self-explanatory project that required us to design, pattern cut and […]

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For a “fashion industry”-type person, of sorts, I can actually be kind of clueless about beauty stuff. I have about three products plus a razor in my shower, am 25 and only started wearing makeup regularly within the past couple years, and despite having about a yard of hair, I can only do a few things with it. But I’ve been modeling for more than three years now, and a […]

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A boudoir photoshoot makes an amazing holiday gift for yourself or your special someone. Last year around this time, I ran a two-part segment on How to Have an Amazing Boudoir Photoshoot, and How to Book a Boudoir Photoshoot. Continuing the tradition, I’ve got more tips for you: this week, I’ll discuss styling and how to select wardrobe, and in my next piece, a step by step for basic photo-ready […]

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I know some of you are curious. I’ve seen you asking on Treacle’s Tumblr. You know you’ve got what it takes to be a lingerie model, or you think you might, anyway, but you have no idea where to begin. Well, I’m no agent, but I am a designer who also happens to do a fair bit of modeling, so these are my suggestions for you lovelies who would like to […]

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