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While there are relatively few networking and professionalization events in the lingerie industry, one of the most revered is also one of the newest — The Oxford Conference of Corsetry, held over the summer at Oxford College. For those unfamiliar, The Oxford Conference of Corsetry (otherwise known as OCOC) is a three-year-old event, created by corsetmakers, for corsetmakers, and dedicated to the study of corsetry. People fly in from all […]

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The 2015 Oxford Conference of Corsetry fell a scant five weeks before my wedding date. Flying in the face of good sense, I attended anyway. I had other reasons to be in England, and one of them was the undeniable pleasure of spending an extra day with my corsetmaking colleagues, taking pictures in the Sparklewren showroom. Sparklewren, Karolina Laskowska, Vanyanís, Emiah Couture, Holly Rafaela, and Pop Antique (that would be […]

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Please note: Some of the following images are NSFW. Evgenia’s newest collection is about as Old Hollywood glamour as it gets. 1930s silhouettes are reinvented in modern proportions with luxe fabrics and flirty attitude. There are stars! Hearts! And cheeky tap panties that make my heart sing. While most of the collection is derived from Evgenia’s core offerings (tap panties, camisole, and a Kestos-inspired bralette), keeping a limited color palette […]

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Today I’m here to put to rest one of the most common misconceptions about corsets. (No, not the lie about how terrible they are for you.) Many people seem to think the presence of steel bones is all that defines a “real” corset. Sometimes this is expanded to a specific number of bones, typically 20 bones, being necessary. But what does corset boning really do? And if it’s not the bones, […]

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In last week’s review of Timeless Trends, I touched on the distinction between handmade and factory-produced corsets. Understandably, this drew some confusion. “Handmade” is not a regulated term and indeed sewn goods are created on machines manned by humans. So what defines a handmade piece? And what are the benefits to mass-manufacturing? How Do We Define “Handmade?” Each factory will have their own process for mass production. I’ve only worked […]

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