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Many of us are happy to finally see the lingerie industry’s obsession with strappy, bondage-inspired lingerie come to an end. It was starting to feel as if every harness and cage bra had a whiff of desperation — trying too hard to be edgy, to be sexy, to be avant garde. In a race to be different, so many brands started to look the same. Only those with a truly […]

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Strappy lingerie seems to show no sign of slowing down. You’ll see straps on everything from bralettes to briefs, from small indie labels to department store brands. Even the less daring lingerie addict can easily incorporate a strappy piece of lingerie to add a little drama and excitement to their top drawer. The great thing about an “edgy” trend becoming more mainstream is that it opens the door for more […]

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I don’t usually post lingerie accessories here on TLA. I’m a bit of a stickler that way. All lingerie all the time is my motto. But then I stumbled across these new photos from Fraulein Kink, and I fell so hard for them that I had to share them to The Lingerie Addict. Had to. I’m talking massive compulsion here. Fraulein Kink (our pick for one of the best lingerie […]

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. It’s been a wild summer this year filled with trade shows, industry events, and exciting launches, all revolving around my favorite category of clothing. My eyes have feasted on a plethora of exquisite fabrics, fine craftsmanship, and luxurious details, while my mind has been putting together my Christmas lingerie list for 2012 – a bit premature, yes but completely necessary when faced with so […]

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Photo by Rod Nunley From double-sided tape to breast petals, this list is made up of little lingerie accessories that every lingerie lover needs to own. Keep reading to discover five essential accessories. 1) Lingerie Wash Bag–I know, I know, handwashing in the sink is best. But I know and you know that we don’t always have that kind of time. So on the […]

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