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The Roaring...60s? Kilo Brava Spring/Summer 2021

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Kilo Brava was my fave discovery of 2020. It all started with the infamous Tiger slip (also beloved by other lingerie bloggers as well Lingerie Addicts in the official Facebook group), and grew, unchecked, from there. You can probably call me a Kilo Brava Superfan. I want all of it.

Model standing in front of plain white background wearing Kilo Brava spaghetti strap chemise/slip dress with thigh high slit. Chemise has orange tiger print on emerald green background.

Kilo Brava Tiger Slip, now sold out. Photo via Macy's.

As someone who quite literally looks at lingerie for a living, very few brands reach this level of notice of me. I see a lot of things I like, of course, from a wide variety of labels. But rare is it that I'm in love with almost everything a company does. What makes this story even more extraordinary is that Kilo Brava is a brand new design house! Just barely one year old. They clearly have that inimitable "it-factor."

Me in a campaign for Kilo Brava, last holiday season

With all that in mind, I think they've really outdone themselves with the new Spring/Summer 2021 Collection. Released just barely two weeks ago, this most recent collection is already close to selling out (more on this in a moment).

Unlike a lot of new brands, Kilo Brava makes everything in sizes XS-XXXL, which is wonderful. However, the tradeoff (as KB is still a very new and small brand) is that things sell out super quickly. That means if you want to snag your size before it's gone, you have to purchase almost immediately.

Kilo Brava Leo Love Pajamas, Autumn/Winter 2020, now sold out

Of course, this is not the worst problem for a brand to have. I hope all these immediate sellouts give Kilo Brava enough money - as well as enough evidence of interest - to increase their orders with each season. And perhaps motivate retailers to place orders as well. Word on the street is that several boutiques were very upset pieces they wanted to stock sold out...but that's why preorders exist!

Kilo Brava Zebra Mustard Dress, available exclusively at Playful Promises

Speaking of selling out - and then I promise I'll get to the collection - Kilo Brava has secured one stockist very close to my heart: Playful Promises where you can purchase several PP-exclusive pieces, like the zebra mustard dress above.

Finally, one more thing. The price point. If you've listened to me on a recent podcast or even read my book, you've likely heard me talk about the "lingerie sweet spot," my term for that ideal balance of price and quality. Kilo Brava hits it perfectly. The pieces are affordable, high quality, look amazing, and feel incredible on. Honestly, it's kind of magical. How can one brand be so good right out of the gate?

Model is wearing a Kilo Brava rainbow butterfly print robe, bra, and tap short, standing in front of a window with floral curtain.

Inspired by 60s and 70s styling, Kilo Brava's latest collection was designed entirely under quarantine. The butterfly motifs - visible as both a print and embroidery - symbolize a way I'm sure many of us are feeling right now. Waiting in a chrysalis, ready for rebirth, wanting to spread our wings and be free again - hopefully under the sunshine.

Sweet and sexy, with hair and makeup inspired by Valley of the Dolls, and a number of delightfully vintage-inspired silhouettes (that manage not to look old-fashioned), the label's Spring/Summer 2021 season is a sartorial breath of fresh air. As I expect most major brands to double down on styles that work rather than experimenting with anything new over the next few seasons, the brightness, color, and creativity of Kilo Brava feels even more necessary and important. Beautiful, versatile, made to wear inside but just as easy outside, Kilo Brava is the rare perfect brand. And I can't wait to see what's next.

Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.