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Confidence & Beauty: Introducing Sada by Sarah

black lace and embroidery corset skirt by sada by sara

Photography: Sequoyah Daniel. Model: Syndey Blaylock.

We love a new talent here at TLA. There are few things more exciting to a lingerie blogger than sharing an as-yet-discovered ingenue with vision, flair, and a clear point of view.

You can learn how to sew. You can learn technique. You can learn precision. Skills can be acquired and refined. But you can't learn how to take people's breath away. You can't learn the magic that makes someone interested, makes them lean forward to see what you'll do next. And that's exactly what Sada by Sarah does.

pink lace teddy bodysuit with blue elastic trim

Photography: Spencer Charles. Model: Sydney Blaylock.

In what I'm sure is no surprise to anyone, I see lots of lingerie brands everyday. Unfortunately, many of them look the same. One mesh or lace triangle bralette is often much like the other, and there are only so many ways to innovate a t-shirt bra. I won't even start to talk about all the startup "disruptors" or "brands" ordering from Wish.

But Sarah's line? I want to see more of it. I crave more. If Sada by Sarah is already this intriguing, I can't even imagine what the label will be like in another 2 or 3 seasons.

champagne chemise with white lace edge bridal

Photography: Sequoyah Daniel. Model: Lauren Miller.

I particularly enjoy the brand's versatility. We see gorgeous silk and lace chemises, delightfully strappy teddies in vivid colors that "pop" against darker skin, "flesh"-toned nudes for deeper skintones, garter clip and frog closure details (the latter without trading on "Asian" stereotypes, which is rare), trompe l'oeil bow embroidery on the back of a sheer robe, and some frankly delightful garter skirts and corset skirts.

This is lingerie for the wearer to enjoy and appreciate for themselves. And, it must be noted, Sada by Sarah is a brand owned by a Black woman and, as of this publication date, a brand that has only Black models - an important statement in a industry that still largely traffics in the idea of whiteness as "normal."

Sada by Sarah is the future of the lingerie industry. And it's marvelous to see.

blue lace high leg teddy

Photography: Sequoyah Daniel. Model: Sydney Blaylock.

white embroidered lingerie set

Photography: Spencer Charles. Model: Sydney Blaylock.

lace triangle garter strap and black lace waist cincher

Photography: Sequoyah Danie. Model: Dyesha Mitchell.

champagne mesh teddy with black lace trim

Photography: Sequoyah Daniel. Model: Sydney Blaylock.

blush lace lingerie set with pink corset with feather panniers

Photography: Sequoyah Daniel. Model: Sydney Blaylock.

black lace mesh bralette and skirt

Photography: Sequoyah Daniel. Model: Sydney Blaylock.

black mesh robe

Photography: Sequoyah Daniel. Model: Sydney Blaylock.

mesh skirt with ribbon

Photography: Sequoyah Daniel. Model: Sydney Blaylock.

Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.