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Uye Surana Review

bra front 2

Note: These items were purchased for review by The Lingerie Addict. All opinions are my own.

Uye Surana is in many ways the quintessential indie lingerie brand. Owned and operated by a pair of ambitious young women who keep their sewing in-house, they sell online, at trunk shows, at a studio-shop in Tribeca, and at a sprinkling of small lingerie stores around the country (one of which is Birdies Panties, the launch point of the new transgender lingerie line All is Fair). Uye Surana also a brand with a casually feminist vibe: Owner Monica Wesley describes her inspiration as "the idea that women could enjoy design that was as beautiful as it was comfortable and practical from the inside out."

Styled with a harness and soft cup bra. Via Uye Surana.

Styled with a harness and soft cup bra. Via Uye Surana.

The overall aesthetic of Uye Surana is one that appeals to a specific type of modern femme: someone who would rather be running through the woods in a dress made of spun smoke than working from their cubicle. Uye Surana combines hard-edged cuts with soft, filmy fabrics to create a look that can only be described as “urban witch” (and indeed, the brand’s social media manager does astrology in her spare time). These women may very well be magical: their designs have an effortless quality to them that suggests the work of unseen hands.

I recently got the opportunity to review one of their lingerie pieces, their sheer layering cami in black. It’s a piece that trades on fashion trends toward both sheer and cropped shirts, but its styling online suggests a range of clever possibilities. So when mine arrived I quickly got excited about playing with its options. Here's what I discovered.

You can see that the band is sitting kind of loosely in the back.

You can see that the band is sitting kind of loosely in the back.

I'll get a few quibbles out of the way first. For one, the sizing on this particular garment was looser than I had expected, although this was not necessarily a bad thing --- more something to consider if you're in the market. I ordered their size large, which ended up fitting well enough through the bust but not touching my waist at all. If you want a more body-conscious fit, I would suggest ordering a size down. The other less useful feature of the garment was the positioning of the tag, which was sewn into a side seam in a sheer shirt. Which meant that it was very visible. I got out my seam ripper and nixed the tag because I knew it would poke me in the side forever if I left it.

bra back 2

However, none of this mattered very much to me once I actually put the cami on. The silk mesh doesn't feel overindulgent or ostentatious --- it feels instead like wearing a shadow. It's cool to the touch and the mesh is lightweight. It's so pretty it kills me. And my bras layer well underneath it. It's a reversible garment too, and so has a lot of possibilities for styling differently with different outfits. I can see it looking really cool with almost anything, although adding this to an outfit will automatically make that outfit not-safe-for-work.

bra front 1

Worn here with crow earrings for maximum spookiness.

In conclusion: the layering cami feels a little like clubwear and a little like something you wear exclusively for standing in mushroom rings under a full moon. And I am probably never taking it off again. Which is good because I am a little afraid to wash it. If you take the plunge, note that silk requires hand washing and very gentle agitation.

I would recommend Uye Surana if you have been craving an experience and don't need to spend your lingerie budget entirely on workwear. At $59 the layering tank is about the mid-range of their price point, but some pieces they sell are in the $30 range and some are... well, appropriately priced for large garments hand-sewn from silk. If you like the look, and want to add a little spookiness to your fall ensemble without spending as much, I recommend checking out their Under $35 section, which features sale items, panties in delightfully murky ombres, and necklaces featuring big raw crystals.

What do you think of Uye Surana? Let us know in the comments!