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Lingerie Hacks: 7 Quick Fixes For Your Lingerie Problems

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Let's be frank: I'm busy. You're busy. We’re all so busy these days! Who has time to waste on uncomfortable or poor fitting clothes? Our time is precious, so it’s no wonder we look for shortcuts and hacks to make life a little easier so we can focus on the more important tasks at hand.

Being an avid DIY-er I've tested out tons of tricks to fix my wardrobe malfunctions – some worked wonders and some... not so much. But what I’ve taken away from all the tweaking and adjusting is that you don’t have to be MacGyver to fix many of your basic lingerie problems. All you need are a few cheap supplies and a good 10 minutes to turn those struggles into solutions. Here are seven of my most helpful lingerie hacks so that you can make the most out of your lingerie wardrobe too.

1) Stop A Strapless Bra From Slipping Down


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A great way to avoid ending up with your bra around your waist at the end of a long night is by adding more structure to it using the removable straps that typically come with the bra. Take one of these straps and lengthen it to the longest it will reach, then hook it to the back of the bra on one side. Next, bring it forward under your arm and across the front of your body, under your bust. Continue wrapping under your other arm until you can hook the free end of your strap onto the other side of the bra in back. Finally, tighten the strap to make it as secure as possible across your rib cage --- but don’t forget to give yourself enough room to move and breathe!

Bonus tip: When shopping for a strapless bra, choose a style with clear silicone gel or taping along the inside of the bra, which will help it grip to the skin better.

2) Fix Underwire That Pokes Out


Having a metal underwire rip through its channeling and dig into your skin is painful! If you’re in need of a quick fix, try using a bit of moleskin – a shoe solution with a soft, fuzzy facing and sticky back side. Strong enough to keep things in their place yet soft enough to keep against the skin, just a small amount is needed to save your skin. Just cut a piece a few inches long and the same width of your underwire channeling. Push the underwire back into its place and stick the piece of moleskin on top to cover up the hole and Presto! No more underwire pinch!

Bonus tip: Add a dab of superglue before applying the moleskin for a longer lasting bond.

3) Stretch Underpants Where You Need It Most

weibliche Hüften, Hintern - isoliert

Because my legs are thicker than your average lingerie model, I often wind up with underwear that fits well at the waist but is too tight around the legs. Going up a size usually gives me a baggy waistband, so I've taken to stretching the legs of my undies as far as possible to purposely crack the stitching (this sounds a lot scarier than it really is). Breaking these threads allows for a bit more ease and stretch in the leg elastic, resulting in a comfier fit around my thighs. This method can also work for a tight waistband --- but I suggest only practicing it with your more basic underwear rather than the high-end kind, since the broken threads may cause them to deteriorate quicker than usual.

Bonus tip: If you have a sewing machine at your disposal, removing the elastic with a seam ripper and re-sewing the hem back in place (with a stretch stitch) will make for a longer lasting pair.

4) Fake A Racerback Bra


Racerback bras can be hard to come by. But there are probably times when you wish your favorite t-shirt bra came with a crossed back or T straps. If this sounds familiar, try gathering the straps together in back and securing a small safety pin or paperclip tightly around them. This will hold them together in an X shape and allow you to adjust the positioning by sliding it up or down the straps. You may have to remove it each time you take the bra on and off, but you also won’t have to worry about visible bra straps showing or slipping down.

Bonus tip: You can also buy strap clips for under $10 dollars here.

5) Avoid Stocking Runs

Business woman with run in stocking.

I, for one can't wear pantyhose for five minutes without getting a snag, rip, or run in them. However, I’ve found that all it takes is a little hairspray to prevent these snags from happening in the first place. When you’re getting dressed, try spraying a light coat of hairspray over the stockings and then letting it dry before you put on the rest of your clothes. It can get a little sticky, but once it dries, it lightly binds the fibers together (and smells great) to help prevent easy and avoidable tears. Just remember that once you wash the tights the coating will dissolve in water, so you’ll have to reapply the hairspray before each wear.

Bonus tip: If you do get a hole or snag, adding a dab of clear nail polish to avoid a full-on run usually does the trick.

6) Loosen A Tight Bra


Sometimes you may have a bra that's a bit too snug in the waistband – hey, it happens. If that loosest clasp is pinching you too tightly, then you can take matters into your own hands with an old bra and some light sewing. Just cut the back closure off of a bra you no longer use and save the tab that has the loops or “eyes” on it. Then, take the same eye-side of your bra closure and line it up with this tab to create one long, extended closure. With the bra slightly overlapping the tab, sew in place by hand or with a machine. The sewing doesn't have to be perfect, since it will be hidden under your clothing, and as the bra stretches out with time you can easily remove the extra sewn-on eyes as needed.

Bonus tip: If you don't want to sew, you can also purchase a bra extender for under $10 dollars here.

7) Hide Discolored Bra Straps


Light-colored bras have a tendency to grey and show dirt quicker than darker shades, which can be frustrating if the bra still fits well and is in good shape. This is especially noticeable on the straps since it’s the most exposed part of the bra. In times like these, I like to take a strip of lace trim in a similar width and sew it on top of my straps, starting in the front and ending above the adjusters in the back (so I’m still free to tighten and loosen my straps). It only takes a hand stitch every inch or two to secure the lace and then tuck in the edges for a clean finish. I'd also take a gamble and say that you can probably glue the lace onto your straps with fabric glue as well, but I've never tested it out myself so experiment at your own risk!

Bonus tip: Another solution is to dye the bra a darker color. Many at-home dye kits are user-friendly and can give a new lease on your bra’s life.

Have you ever tried any of these lingerie hacks? What other tricks have worked for you?

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