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Lingerie News: August 2014

Agent Provocateur's spring 2014 line. Photo Courtesy of Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur's spring 2014 line. Photo Courtesy of Agent Provocateur (via Fashionista)

A roundup of everything interesting that happened in the world of lingerie this month…

  • [The Business of Fashion] Victoria's Secret Loses Trademark Battle Against Thomas Pink - Although the Pink label had been launched by Victoria's Secret in 2004, a line aimed at college-aged girls, Judge Colin Birss recently decreed that the massive lingerie brand had infringed on the trademark rights owned by London-based brand Thomas Pink Ltd. Often times trademark disputes come down to whether or not customers would be confused by the similar brands. This was the premise for Birss' ruling, arguing that customers may mistake Victoria's Secret's use of the word Pink with Thomas Pink's use, expecting to buy lingerie at the European luxury clothing store then becoming disappointed.
  • [BODY] Silk Lingerie Specialist Mary Green Closes - Mary Green, a firm that had specialized in silk lingerie, sleepwear and gowns, closed their doors on July 31st. While an unnamed sales representative asserts that the business wasn't experiencing financial difficulties (though they used the word "retirement"), long-time sales executive Lili Varbanova said the brand is heading in a new, though unnamed, direction.
  • [Fashionista] Agent Provocateur Could Be For Sale Soon - Founded by Joseph Corré and Serena Rees in London's SoHo neighborhood, Agent Provocateur has -- for over two decades -- been one of the most well-known high end lingerie brands. And now, the British private equity firm 3i Group (who has had a majority stake in the company since 2007) recently hired Goldman Sachs to explore a potential sale. If sold, the lingerie brand could be expected to bring about £200 million (or $337 million USD).
  • [Time]  Controversial Underwear Ad Features Real Female Tech Execs  - Underwear company Dear Kate recently used prominent women in tech to model their new Ada Collection, named after the world's first computer programmer, Ada Lovelace. Each of the technologists are photographed in the brand's underwear as they code, which has sparked a bit of controversy [among viewers]. Some feel that posing in lingerie [particularly as a woman] could undermine any opportunity to be taken seriously by either investors or employers, while others feel that the ad shows that women technologists come in all shapes and sizes.
  • [Indy Star] Exposed: Nevada Boutique Stripped of Right To Use Bettie Page Pinup Pics - Bettie Page Clothing (now known as Tatyana Designs), a boutique owned by Russian-born model and clothing designer Tatyana Khomyakova and her husband, relied on using Page's image to be the face of their clothing chain. However, celebrity-licensing company CMG Worldwide has revoked Khomyakova's right to use Page's image when the business owner failed to pay CMG the licensing royalties after a brutal winter that drastically impacted sales. Now entangled in several different lawsuits, CMG estimates that the designer owes them as much as $1 million dollars, while the counterclaim against CMG says they tried to control the retail store's operations as if it were a franchise.
  • [CNBC] Bendon and Playboy Introduce "BIOFIT x Playboy" - An Intimate Apparel Collection  - Bendon Group, the company behind the BIOFIT bra technology, which was originally carried by Victoria's Secret, has partnered with Playboy Enterprises to create a new intimate apparel line, the BIOFIT x Playboy. BIOFIT is centered on customized padding technology that provides different levels of cleavage according to cup size. The bras also use exclusive SecretService suede-tough lining, which is meant to help keep wearers lifted and adjustment-free all day.  Available for $39.95-$49.95, the bras have band sizes from 32-38 with cup sizes from A to DD, the panties (ranging from XS to L) are priced at $14.95, and the corset (available in the same band/cup ranges as the bras) costs $99.95.