Agent Provocateur Soiree Collection Spring/Summer 2014
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Agent Provocateur Soiree Collection Spring/Summer 2014

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Agent Provocateur's ultra-luxe lingerie label, the Soiree collection, returns for yet another season. Along with the debut of L'Agent by Agent Provocateur range, AP has now positioned itself as a brand for different kinds of budgets... all while maintaining their luxury cachet. And I'm sure Agent Provocateur's owners are happy because the brand is seeing record profits. It's an interesting play, and, if successful, Agent Provocateur may surpass Victoria's Secret as the most popular lingerie brand in the world (they're already one of the most recognizable).

Unlike the first few Soiree collections, which danced on a kinkier edge, this season's range is a replay of the rather staid A/W Soiree Collection. It's pretty, but there's no passion. I'm sure AP rigorously tracks their numbers, so no doubt this newer, more sedate Agent Provocateur is working out well, but as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I miss AP's naugtier side. I do like the scalloped lace on the long nightgown below (a gown made of nothing but that would be divine... or even a jumpsuit!), and that pale beige lace above is really stunning too. However, my love affair is with the fabrics here, not the silhouette or the story. It's always a shame when a brand's best days are so noticeably behind them, but if the name of game is making money, can I really blame them?

What do you think of the new Soiree Collection? Do you see anything you would wear?





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Cora Harrington

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7 Comments on this post

  1. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all very pretty but it just doesn’t seem very…new. I liked the kinkier pieces, they were more original. I would wear the pink and nude bra sets if someone got them for me but I don’t know that I would pay that much for them. Cheers!


  2. Estelle says:

    Hmm, I would wear all of these pieces, I mean they’re not ugly, but I’ve seen way nicer stuff from the Soiree collection in the past. I was really disappointed with their last non-Soiree collection too, there are some pieces I like but on the whole I was a bit bored by it and AP has always been one of my two favourite lingerie brands (alongside Bordelle)!

    • Cora says:

      What do you think of Bordelle’s most recent collections? And are there any UK brands you think might replace Agent Provocateur’s place in the industry as a brand that’s innovative, creative, and cutting-edge?

  3. Kirsty says:

    Although I love AP’s naughtier side, it’s not something I’d wear. However the Bra sets you’ve shown here are simply stunning. I generally don’t wear the ‘nude’ coloured lingerie, but the shapes that have been used here are just lovely. The pink set is just Me!
    Now to earn more so I can afford it :-)

  4. Selena says:

    What is happening to AP?! Almost every new season brings disappointment to me. Of course there are still some very pretty choices, but that is what they seem to prefer now, pretty and safe. AP used to be the underwear i’d buy but be too scared to show my mother, now most of it wouldn’t look out of place in the Marks and Spencers lingerie department. I loved the kinky style of the SS13 Allix and Dioni, AW13 had a couple of pieces that I would have bought (If I had a lot more money) but this season does nothing for me, particularly for the price tag. Oh well I guess in a way it’s a good thing, I can’t get upset about not having the money! I hope to see the edgy AP stuff back soon.

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