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L'Agent by Agent Provocateur S/S 2014


Agent Provocateur's second L'Agent by AP collection is live, and I must confess... I'm a little disappointed. The first collection was notable (to me anyway) for being a rehash of previous styles from the main Agent Provocateur line that have since been retired. I was hoping the second collection would show some originality, especially since AP is leaning hard on the "Penelope and Monica Cruz totally designed this lingerie" marketing angle. But it doesn't. Instead, there's just more of the same.

I don't really mind that Agent Provocateur is using old designs. Honestly, I think it's pretty smart. Customers of the regular, high-end, luxe line get the cutting edge stuff while the diffusion label gets the old stuff. They all get a taste of AP, and everybody wins. I don't begrudge companies for having good business sense. I just feel a bit "ehhhh...." at the disjointedness between how the collection is being marketed (celebrities designing lingerie!) and what it actually consists of (archived styles AP wants to resurrect!) However, I fully admit that only diehard lingerie addicts like me probably even notice (or care) about the similarities.

There's a remake of the Crystalina (that purple demi with the Nikita cut below). There's a remake of the Love slip in white. And there's a remake of their zipper cup bra (which I actually own), but can't find (or remember) the original name of for the life of me. I think the purchase may actually predate this blog. Anyway, even the pieces I don't recognize right off the bat are just kind of "meh" (all the satin stuff, for example), but maybe that's the point.

Maybe this line makes a good bridge between people who don't really want typical department store stuff but don't have the time or money or inclination to really patronize the more "directional" brands here (such as --- and this is the first name off the top of my head --- Made by Niki). In terms of what I expect to see later, I predict future remakes of the Jilly, Gangster, and Marilyn lines as they all strongly embody AP's brand DNA, yet have been out of production for so long that most people probably won't be able to identify them.

One final note, I tried on quite a few of these pieces in Nordstrom and was super-underwhelmed by the quality. However, I really wouldn't mind the quality factor as much (there's tons of "meh" lingerie brands out there, after all), if the price point wasn't so high... particularly compared to most mall store offerings. There just isn't enough "specialness" here to justify the cost. But again, maybe that's the point... the target market is people who just don't know what else is out there.

Of all the looks below, I like the third one down (black mesh w/ embroidered flowers) most of all. After that, I kind of dig that red lace Valentine's Day heart set; it's just so kitschy. But everything else is pretty much a "pass." What do you think of the second L'Agent by AP collection? Were you able to try any pieces from the last series on? And do you see anything below that you really like?




















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Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

11 Comments on this post

  1. KW2 says:

    I actually think a lot of these are attractive looking. But my concern with AP is quality. I recall going to London years ago & shopping at the AP boutique for good quality that was pricey (but good). I’ve shopped once since & paid more money for significantly inferior quality. So if the primary line is that poor quality for the price, what is the “lesser line” quality going to be??? Yikes. I’m with Babs, we can spend the high prices on smaller independent designers to get a higher quality product that is often just as sexy/if not more.

  2. I agree Cora. Boring! Love the Valentine’s set but it could so easily be Leg Avenue.

  3. Estelle says:

    I was underwhelmed by the first collection but it was better than this. I like the blsck bra set with red embroidery and the blue lace babydoll, but for the most part it looks like stuff I could get in Boux Avenue (with added suspender belts) or Gossard in slightly nicer fabrics but paying three times the price.

  4. I couldn’t agree more. You cannot IMAGINE the hype surrounding the AP Boutique opening here in Toronto. It was absurd. I had to go and review the new boutique and well…the story’s on the blog, lol. But I agree wholeheartedly at that price point, the quality and innovation is totally lacking. It is completely and utterly frustrating that women will blindly throw around their lingerie dollars in pursuit of simply owning a status brand. I’d also prefer that clients with that kind of money support smaller, directional designers. I tell my clients (and anyone who will listen, lol) that in doing so they will get MORE for their dollar, in terms of exclusivity and quality. To be honest, I just can’t stand AP. And their sales have apparently doubled this year. I hate to be a lingerie snob, but they’re quickly becoming VS of higher price point lingerie, and I think they’re quite fine with that. Their strength now lies more in branding, rather than design. Because I don’t want to completely poop all over AP (I must have gotten out of the cranky side of the bed this morning, lol), I will agree with Robin in that it is a good line for very slim and petite women. But again, being a stickler for quality..I just can’t get behind this brand.

  5. Robin says:

    Oddly enough, even in the main AP line, I have recognized many remakes/take offs of prior years: especially of the Lorna & Kathryn lines. And of course “new year, new color of same product” (aka Margot, in royal & fluorescent colors, well after the original black). Between the Esme and Madalyn, animal prints have been done so many times (and are a staple of chaeper brands), that I am very underwhelmed by the blue variation. At least prior animal prints had distinct design details. The Jaccinta also reminds me of the Cindy line. If they do bring back Marilyn, I hope the print is as unique as the fabric with the AP storefront on it. Only saw that 1x on ebay- but wondered why they would use a large print on an open bra which has little fabric (doesn’t show the print very well).
    Anyway, I adore AP as the fit for me (as a petite) is the best.
    Of the above, I would like to see the white lace slip (bottom photo) in more detail.

  6. marie says:

    If I didn’t know this was L’Agent, I would have assumed it was a very cheap, young, Forever 21 type brand. I see the retro influences that are pervasive throughout the AP aesthetic but I don’t sense any subversiveness that is what sets AP apart from other brands (luxurious subversiveness). Do I dare say I don’t even find it that sexy? More dime a dozen cute-sy.

  7. kathryn says:

    Having worked for the company… I am not a huge fan of the l’agent collection mainly because it looks way too much like not only archived styles but current collection too… only not as good. I agree there’s too much satin being used and I wish there was more originality. It seems like AP is merely using the Cruz sisters to sell the line and there’s no real design point of view from them. I would rather spend money on the original collection… but wait for their semi annual sale of course

  8. Evija says:

    Gah, if it weren’t for the suspender belt and the fact that it says “AP” in the post, I wouldn’t have guessed either. bad AP, very, very bad AP.

  9. Marty Simone says:

    The zipper bra by AP was called “Jennifer” and in this L’Agent collection it’s the one I like the most followed by “Esthar” the red set with appliquéd hearts.
    Never tried it on, wondering if it’s supportive enough for my UK32DD/E…guess not!
    Yes, it looks mainstream and yes, they are AP’s previous designs but I don’t mind either. I do think it’s rediculous to sell it as being (co)designed by the Cruz sisters though.

  10. Victoria says:

    I agree with you, nothing here really stands out, let alone makes me want to buy some pieces. The first 2 or 3 photos seem typical AP, but everything else looks too mainstream. I agree with firelizard19 that I wouldn’t have recognized it as AP. There are some cute colour combinations though, like the yellow and purple and the mint and red.
    Also, those photos hurt my eyes, they’re so overblown and over saturated, I can barely see the lace in the last photo.

  11. firelizard19 says:

    Hmm- I’m kinda underwhelmed as well, mostly because this looks too much like a more mainstream brand- nice, but I probably couldn’t tell that it’s AP if I only looked at the pictures. I do like the bra with the slit across the cup, and that one reminds me most of the AP aesthetic, but the rest reminds me more of Betsy Johnson, maybe (though that could be the colors)?

    Granted, I hated the pictures of the diffusion line last season, but liked one or two pieces much better in person. I actually bought a half-cup bra from the collection. It’s right on the edge of 1/4 and demi-cup, so a little aureola peeks out but not all of it. The provocative fit is something that wasn’t conveyed when I saw it in pictures (painted out in editing?), so I didn’t think I’d like it, but I actually love the bra- and I would never have felt sure enough to buy it without trying it on, so I appreciate the availability at Nordstroms. It also had nice textural details of black velvet polka dots on a black background, which is a cute touch.

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