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Out of the Ordinary: 5 Full Bust Bras that Are Breaking the Mold

Image via Figleaves

Image via Figleaves

Like it or not, there’s lots of repetition when it comes to the full bust market and bras. While full busted women have more choices than ever, sometimes it’s easy to feel like those choices all involve lots of floral patterns, polka dots and bows, or tons of coverage. The bras I’m showcasing today are all doing something different to push the boundaries of what full bust bras can look and feel like.

Image via Tutti Rouge

Image via Tutti Rouge

Cute Bras for Teenagers – The Lottie Set by Tutti Rouge:
Our feelings about lingerie and how our bodies fit into it form very early — most full bust women can vividly recall the first time they were told they were too big for a “normal” bra or how they hid out in locker rooms to hide their giant bras from the rest of their camisole-wearing classmates. Many supportive full bust bra lines have tons of coverage or more mature patterns, so I’m glad to see brands like Tutti Rouge making sets that developing lingerie fans can wear. This bra would be a great introduction to the world of supportive lingerie while still showing developing women that they too can feel fashionable and cute. I only wish this option had been around when I was in high school!

Images via Faire Frou Frou

Images via Faire Frou Frou

Sheerness – The Mesh Dessous by Claudette:
Claudette has been a big player in the lingerie market for a few years now, so it’s hard to remember what a splash these sheer mesh bras made in the full bust world. Several years later, Claudette has gone from strength to strength but no one else has quite captured the sexy yet supportive sheerness that these bras offer. I know many women who swear by these bras and collect them in multiple colors!

Image via Lousie Ferdinand Lingerie

Image via Lousie Ferdinand Lingerie

Sparkles and Gems – The Genesis Set by Louise Ferdinand Lingerie:
There are lots of gorgeous sparkly tulle bras being put out by independent designers, but none in such a wide size range Louise Ferdinand is making them in. This Genesis Set is perfect for the upcoming holidays or a special occasion. Her bras are handmade up to a UK KK cup, which also gives these bras one of the best ranges on the market.

Image via All Undone

Image via All Undone

Androgynous Lingerie – The Mai Set by All Undone:
Full bust bras have always been big on super feminine patterns with lots of bows, but what if you want something less girly? Until now, your options have been pretty slim. Thankfully, All Undone has released a line of luxury full bust bras that pushes the market in a whole new direction. While brands like VPL have been making this type of lingerie for years, it’s a fresh breath of air in a market that is ruled by traditionally feminine details.

Image via Figleaves

Image via Figleaves

Pure Sex Appeal – The Addicted Set by Pour Moi:
This set is unabashedly sexy and features two things normally never seen on the full bust market: strappy details and a super sexy half cup design. Pour Moi has been making beautiful lingerie for years, but always seems to be overlooked by bloggers and lingerie fans. Hopefully this set will finally get their whole line the attention that it deserves — it’s a truly new look in this size range.

What would you like to see more of in the full bust market? Which of these designs is your favorite?

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17 Comments on this post

  1. Sam says:

    Just ordered the Addicted set a couple of days ago. I am SO excited that i’m going to get a strappy half-cup bra in my size! (=

    • Holly Holly says:

      Oh good! I’d love to know what the size and fit was like – I’m so sad to be sized out of Pour Moi these days.

      • Lisa says:

        I’m usually a 30G in Panache and Freya and I tried the Addicted in 30G and 32G. The 30 band was too small, the 32 band fit well on the middle hooks but the cup was about one cup size too small. Also the shape was really weird – sort of minimized and with a sharp angle at the bottom giving me downwards-pointing boobs. I think it might be an issue with scaling. And the straps were really stretchy and offered no support, and I had to shorten them so much that the place where the straps from the sides of the cups come together sat on top of my shoulder. Basically, it was a fit disaster in me. Beautiful on the model, though.

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  4. Bok says:

    Hi Holly,
    thanks for including us in your round up, so honoured to be on the list. Just to let you know, we are two this month! it’s just two years since we first delivered our neon Dessous collection. I know, that seems impossible to us too!
    We would love to expand our size offer, you know it’s something we have spoken about together many times in the past, it is difficult to meet the demands of our factories for minimums when buyers aren’t ready to place the orders on sizes they don’t believe they need. Claudette customers and ladies who want to be Claudette customers have to demand Claudette wherever they buy their bras, they have to demand their correct size wherever they buy their bras, otherwise buyers will not believe the market exists for these sizes and will continue to buy ‘safely’. As such a young brand it is difficult for us to do everything we want to do straight away. Since SS13 we have offered 28 backs across all our collections, although many of our stockists simply don’t buy those sizes, and as a wholesale company that doesn’t sell direct to the public, we need retailers to be aware that there is a demand for the sizes our customers need. I promise you, we want to make your sizes, nothing would give us more pleasure! So, start shouting for your size! Retailers really do listen.
    thanks again
    Bok x

    • Holly Holly says:

      Thank you for commenting, Bok! I can’t believe Claudette is two – you guys have gone from the little lingerie brand that could to being a market fixture. I absolutely agree with you about customers needing to demand their sizes from retailers so they know there is a market. I think sometimes that idea make people nervous – they don’t want to upset people or seem needy, but it’s also an important part of how things get bought and produced.

    • AE says:

      I buy almost all my bras online, as there aren’t any shops nearby that stock my size. Online shops usually do carry the full range, including the 28 backs, so is there any advantage in me telling them that I really like the look of the neon Claudettes and would certainly try them if they came in my size? (I can’t guarantee I’d keep them, however, as that depends on how well the shape works for me, which is sadly hard to predict).

      • Holly Holly says:

        I think online shops want to hear feedback as much as small shops do – in some ways, it’s easier for them to stock more than small local shops. Most businesses would love to know what their current customers would want more of – after all, that’s more money for them in the long run as well as a way to ensure your customer loyalty! Social media can be a great way to do this.

  5. Sweets says:

    Great round-up! I love the daring new styles Pour Moi? is trying this season, and I’m really excited to see what they do next. I got to see an All Undone bra in person last week, and it looks fabulous, both on and off the models. Like you, I have my fingers crossed for future size expansions, but when I compare what this year’s lingerie offerings look like to the offerings that were out there five or six years ago, the difference is amazing!

    • Holly Holly says:

      I agree! The landscape of full bust lingerie has changed so much for the better and I’m sure more companies will continue to innovate and produce new things. It’s notable that to put together this article I didn’t have to look at any non US/UK brands – there are also brands in other countries doing great things, even when they don’t get as much press for it.

  6. Hannah says:

    It’s Roswell Ivory! It’s made my day to see one of my favourite curvy models on your site. :D (She’s the Louise Ferdinand model)

  7. AE says:

    I’d like for most of these brands to expand what they mean by ‘full bust’. So many stop at G or maybe GG. I’m sized out of at least three of those brands (Claudette, Pour Moi and All Undone because it runs small), and at a GG cup I’m at the smaller end of the full bust market.

    • Holly Holly says:

      I agree! As an HH size, I feel your pain. I know Claudette has been talking about wanting to go up to a K cup eventually and I’m not sure why Pour Moi hasn’t expanded – they make great stuff and I’m sure their sales would be great through the audience they already have. All Undone is new so I’m not sure what their plans are.

    • LM says:

      yes! JJ-K here, also so tired of only being able to wear the same 10 styles, so tired of just black/whit/tan colour options. I’m an adult and I love that yellow/blue bra

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