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Lingerie's New Queen?: Dita von Teese Lingerie Spring/Summer 2013

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Von Follies by Dita von Teese 'Leading Lady' in Pink

The newest Dita von Teese Lingerie collection has dropped, and let me just say... it is amazing. Last year, when the first Von Follies collection was released through Target Australia, I felt a bit underwhelmed. The pieces were nice enough, it's true, but none of them screamed "Buy me!" (quite unlike Ms. Von Teese's Wonderbra collections from a few years before, which was stellar). I guess she was holding out on the good stuff until the second season, though, because now I see plenty of sets I wouldn't mind adding to my personal collection.

The overwire bra was the only thing I kept from last season (you can also view a video review of it here), but this season the Frivoliteese and Madam X sets have my name written all over them. Many of the pieces shown below are available now from ASOS, Glamuse, and Stylebop (the exceptionally beautiful Savoir Faire chemise appears to be a Stylebop exclusive). You can also purchase pieces from previous seasons at Target Australia and Debenhams. Bras appear to be available in sizes 32A thru 36DD (though not every bra has that full size range), and knickers are available in US sizes 4 thru 12.

What do you think of Dita Von Teese's latest lingerie collection? Have you tried anything from past seasons or this one? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Dita Von Teese Lingerie 'Savoir Faire'

Dita Von Teese Lingerie 'Savoir Faire'

Dita Von Teese Lingerie 'Madam X'

Dita Von Teese Lingerie 'Madam X'

Dita Von Teese Lingerie 'Sophia Spot'

Dita Von Teese Lingerie 'Sophia Spot'

Dita Von Teese Lingerie 'Mancatcher' in Pink

Dita Von Teese Lingerie 'Mancatcher' in Pink

Dita Von Teese Lingerie 'Frivoliteese'

Dita Von Teese Lingerie 'Frivoliteese'

Dita Von Teese Lingerie 'Her Sexcellency'

Dita Von Teese Lingerie 'Her Sexcellency'

Dita Von Teese Lingerie 'Star Lift' in Watermelon

Dita Von Teese Lingerie 'Star Lift' in Watermelon

Dita Von Teese Lingerie 'Star Lift' in Blue

Dita Von Teese Lingerie 'Star Lift' in Blue






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Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

47 Comments on this post

  1. Olivia says:

    I bought the “Her sexcellency” bra in black 32 C from Faire Frou Frou. I found the band to be a lot tighter than expected. It was cutting in a bit. The cups were true to size. The quality of the bra was very nice, the lace was pretty and the stitching was unlike anything I had seen on a bra at the price. However, the push-up effect was ridiculous. My boobs looked insanely bigger than normal and up to my neck. Not my thing at all. The bra felt very heavy and bulky because of all the padding and the stiff structure of the bra. The whole thing gave me some insight into what having implants might feel like. I returned it and now I have a store credit so I am considering trying another von follies bra. The Madame X is available in 32 C but I’m not sure if ordering another 32 from this brand is wise. Any insight on this? Longline or regular? Wireless or underwire?

  2. Fran says:

    I was wondering if anyone knew what lingerie company got the lincense for the Dita Von Teese lingerie.

  3. Sophie says:

    I have some old pieces from her first Von Follies line that came out in Target in Australia, and i was quite impressed, they are made very well a lot better than usual lingerie. The downside to one of the pieces i have though the the classic over wire bra! One of the straps constantly comes off and i have actually lost one strap whilst wearing it out! Bothersome to say the least but i haven’t had a problem with any of the other pieces.

  4. MissLizzy says:

    all gorgeous, all tiny cup sizes, VERY disappointing that THREE of the four sets I would have bought don’t come in my cup size. I’m going to risk “sister sizes” in one of the sets, and we’ll have to see…

  5. Emily says:

    So many pieces are sold out everywhere!! Grrr. Does anyone know if the Madam X is in stock somewhere? Also- I may just be missing it but does she make suspender/garter belts in smaller than a size 4? It’s so beautiful but I don’t want to go through all the trouble of getting it if it’s going to be too big!

  6. Nina says:

    I thought her first collection was awesome. I didn’t discover it until most pieces were sold out, but I managed to buy one of the black and red polka dot belts!

  7. Hannah says:

    Also, it’s unlikely Dita is intentionally discriminating against those with very large chests, waists, and hips. She stated early on she wanted to make lines in a large variety of sizes, but marketing is tricky. As The Lingerie Addict has stated it’s not as easy as it sounds to just make more sizes available, it’s a lot of work, and they’re going to go with the sizes that sell most. Not to mention some of her styles would be very difficult for larger busts.

  8. Hannah says:

    Her goal was to make beautiful pieces that were affordable, not necessarily high in quality. “Every detail adds to the price.” She also has to make safer products so more people will buy them. It’s not necessarily about making millions and millions of dollars. She doesn’t have her own boutique built up enough to support distributing the lingerie herself if stockists eventually refused to carry her items. Also, even though some of her designs are “safe” stockists aren’t carrying everything she makes (which is sometimes disappointing). A comment on the “32” fitting like a “36”: That is very unusual and possibly a mistake, but the double elastic detail in the back does add a significant more amount of stretch to the band (the Madame X bra stretches a ton!). I would like to add the few items I’ve purchased (although steering clear of the items that looked very cheap) were very nice, fit well, loaded with details, and some of my favorite pieces (I’ve been collecting lingerie for years).

    • Thursday says:

      To be clear, I never expected very high quality from a Target line. My quibble is that the prices are above the special collections available in Target here, and the quality is much poorer than I have come to expect from those less expensive collections. Wear and tear has been evident on pieces (albeit I have only knickers) after just a few washes. I think these collections have perhaps managed to cause such a stir outside Australia as they are attached to the Dita name and not the same expectations of quality. I would have thought it was in the interest of the woman who builds her name on a love of the finer things in life to ensure a basic standard of quality was met.

      • Hannah says:

        I totally understand, but I think she was, as I said, just focusing on putting as many details in as possible. When asked about the prices/quality of her lingerie compared to her dress collection, she said she was focusing on making a dress collection that would last women many years to come and were investment pieces. Many people don’t keep lingerie for years and years so quality was, I guess, less of a concern.

        • Cora Cora says:

          I imagine she was also targeting the middle market which, honestly, is where all the money is. She could have made lingerie up to the same standards as her Decades collection, but she would have had a very, very hard time selling it. Fans would likely have complained about the cost, and she would have priced herself out of many retailers and boutiques. We all know there’s always give and take when designing a line. There is definitely a price premium because of the Dita name, but honestly I’ve tried on way more expensive designer lingerie that was way worse made. I am sorry to hear the knickers aren’t holding up though. That’s a bummer. I only own the one bra; I returned the other sets I tried (they fit, but, like I said, no wow factor).

  9. Mimi says:

    Oh boy, yet another beautiful collection that excludes larger women. I’m merely a 38D (dress size 14), yet more and more it seems this is now considered “specialty size.” I can’t imagine how women larger than I must feel when they see these lovely collection out of their reach. I’d love to see designers like Dita consider marketing to us full-figure women who also enjoy pretty lace, sheer balconettes, and the like. Oh well.

    • Thursday says:

      I am not sure about this most recent collection, but the last collection included designs which were available in large cup sizes, and some extended sizes in the bottoms. It may be that they are available for this collection too, but international retailers haven’t picked them up.

      • Cora Cora says:

        That’s my suspicion as well, and I’ve recently learned it’s more common than you think (a brand extends their size, but no one picks it up, so it appears the range is much smaller than it actually is).

  10. Hnnnh says:

    As the other Australian, I’d like to vouch for Thursday and the complete lack of ‘quality’. A wander through Target Australia might be akin to buying a bra from… Walmart?

    There is tulle, and then there is sandpaper. There is satin, and then there is waxed polyester. I was unimpressed by the quality of the first Von Follies, and the limited release of the second range has not surprised me. Target is not a boutique or specialised lingerie label (hence the size range), so to expect similar standards is naïve. To expect basic lingerie label quality is even pushing the boundary.

    I’m afraid Dita has made her name, and is now busy making her millions. If anyone outside Australia needs shopping/shipping assistance, I’m readily available.

  11. Lily says:

    I tried on a few things from the previous range in Australian Target. Specifically, I tried on a green balconette style bra that had thick elastic details on the back strap. I was really excited to find a 32E? (I think it was an E?) on the rack – there were quite a few of these green bras left. Upon trying it on I realised that the band was NOWHERE near a 32… It was more like a 36! I was so disappointed! So I won’t be buying any of these unless I can try on first.

    • Cora Cora says:

      Hmmm…that’s interesting. I wonder if that’s only true for full bust cups or for certain styles? I bought my usual style (34C) in the overbust, and don’t remember any issues. Of course, my bosom is different (small/self-supporting) so it’s entirely possible there could have been an issue and I just don’t get uncomfortable enough to notice. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Amber says:

    Oh my gosh. SO gorgeous! Sadly I won’t be able to afford to buy all of the pieces that I’m interested in, because I want the ENTIRE collection. I’m so impressed, and really loving these colors and styles.

  13. CW says:

    I personally am a bit disappointed a couple of the bras haven’t been made into larger sizes this time, “her Sexcellency” non-underwire especially as i love well-structured non-wire bras. I always found with the Target collection in Australia that the plus size ones sold out the quickest, so the fact that sizes that would be snapped up again in a second is quite sad personally for me.

    • Cora Cora says:

      Hi CW,

      It’s entirely possible that larger sizes were made but not purchased by the store I used for sizing reference (ASOS). Sometimes a company does make the full range of sizes, but no retailers pick them up.


  14. Kay says:

    I found the fit of the last collection really bad, I tried sizes too big even and it’s like the cup size was the same width on all sizes which gave horrendous underarm boobage because the cup started too far forward, might just be down to poor Target quality standards, or maybe I have non-Dita-compliant boobs. It’s a shame as I like the Madame x design but not going to risk buying online given the fitting problems.

    • Cora Cora says:

      I purchased the overwire bra last season and it wasn’t a good fit, but I kept it anyway because I liked it (I just fill out the cups with some silicone inserts). Not every bra company fits every bosom, so it’s definitely good to know what works and doesn’t work for your body.

    • Thursday says:

      It’s the quality that’s also the major sticking point for me too – I quite often buy knickers from Target, and they really do wash and wear great. I think my oldest, still in wear pieces are Target, and still going strong. But the Von Follies sets are at a slightly higher price point than the special collections usually are, and so far I have seen considerably poorer quality and fit. I think the designs of this collection have stepped it up a notch, but it’s still too mainstream an interpretation of vintage styling for my tastes. And I can’t imagine the quality has improved.

      • Cora Cora says:

        Are you talking about the US Target or the Australian Target? I’m asking because they’re different companies, and I am very interested in knowing what the quality of Target Australia’s lingerie is generally like.

        • Thursday says:

          Australian Target – I live in Australia:) I didn’t manage to check out how the US Target compares when I was visiting earlier this year, but I was curious! Aussie Target quality can vary, but the “Co-ordinates” (higher-end collections) they’ve put out over the past few years have generally been very reliable in quality. Their basics I’ve found to be highly variable, but about four years ago, the quality was so bad I haven’t bought anything since. Happy to answer any questions where I can be of help :)

  15. Rachel says:

    I absolutely love the latest range, but so disappointed there is nothing in my size! I have about 5 sets from previous collections in the plus sizes that came out. But nothing this time around =( I would’ve bought the Madam X, Frivoliteese and Her Sexellency sets otherwise

    • Cora Cora says:

      Like I said to CW, they may have made larger sizes but ASOS (the store I used for this post’s sizing reference) didn’t pick any up. I have a hard time believing any company would stop making sizes that sold, so that could be what’s going on here.

  16. Kyla says:

    I bought a leopard print set with the garters in Australia and I love it. I am a curvy, busty girl and I LOVE IT. It is comfortable and it fits me beautifully.

    • Cora Cora says:

      I love leopard print, but I felt really underwhelmed by the leopard pieces from last season. They were nice, but not nice enough for me to spend my money on. Glad you found something that works though!

  17. Holly Holly says:

    I like this collection loads better than the last one, but “Her Sexellency” is the goofiest name for a lingerie set ever.

    • Cora Cora says:

      That’s one of her burlesque ‘titles’ (I heard it before her last show). I think it’s pretty cool, and that’s more than likely where the name for this set came from.

  18. Melie says:

    I bought the Madame X bra and knickers before it sold out, and I am so glad I did!
    Stunning set, especially for the price point.

    Now to resist the urge of buying savoir faire…!

  19. Whetherwhich says:

    I want to know where I can get a pair of those gloves in the Savoir Faire pic! They are sooooo gorgeous.

  20. kitty says:

    I just find it too heartbreaking to look through them as absolutely nothing comes in my bust size – 38 g or ff. as usual. so fed up.

    • Cora Cora says:

      It’s the sad truth that every brand can’t make every size. Small bust bra brands (A and below) specialize in small busts, just as full bust bra brands specialize in full busts (DD and above). The good news is that there are more full bust brands than ever before (we’ve mentioned a ton on this blog!) so you’ll be able to find something gorgeous that fits you even if it’s not by Dita Von Teese.

  21. Halle says:

    Personally, the collection doesn’t really flip my skirt. Dita is known for her glamour and opulence, but I find these pieces a bit lackluster. There isn’t anything that really stands out as “new” or particularly eye catching. We’ve seen similar pieces before, many times, by various designers. I suppose it is because I am used to seeing brands such as Kiss Me Deadly who have vintage inspiration, but also very different and [dare I say] edgy. This collection just left something to be desired. For me, it almost hit the mark, but missed just barely…

    • Cora Cora says:

      That’s fair. Every piece in this new collection isn’t a winner for me, but the sets I like, I *really* like. I definitely agree that Dita’s line is a lot more mainstream or vanilla than what Kiss Me Deadly does. Unfortunately, that’s probably why Kiss Me Deadly has a hard time getting picked up in stores. You love them and I love them, but most companies prefer what’s “safe.”

      • Halle says:

        I think it is the “playing it safe” part that bothers me. Dita is the Queen of the New Burlesque who brought many taboos out of the bedroom closet, hidden aways as fetishes, and made them fashionable and, in some instances, trendy. She pioneered quite a bit for modern sexuality. Why dull the sparkle?

  22. Estelle says:

    LOVE the Madame X set, just a shame it sold out so incredibly quickly on ASOS.

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