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Indie Lingerie Boutique Spotlight: Jenette Bras on Melrose

"Jenette bras" sign by night.

The lovely Jenette herself, behind the front counter.

Last night I had the privilege of doing a trunk show (with Dark Garden) over at Jenette Bras on Melrose Ave., and I have to say I was instantly enamored of the boutique. Jenette is a full bust specialty shop, carrying an impressive array of supportive frillies in cups D-K, and bands 30-44.

I fell slightly in love with this bra. Have I mentioned I wish I was part of Jenette's demographic?

Now, to be honest, I am not Jenette's target demographic --- there were probably only a couple of European 30D bras that would've fit my American 30C bust. But after spending the evening there, I certainly wished I were!

Beautiful display case of bras in the front room.

New arrivals for February, and fancy fancy stockings!

Jenette's mascot, an antique dressform called "Viv" (for Vivienne, I believe it was).

The design of the space is super cute, chic, and inviting. The layout is inspired by the antique corset factory look, and you know I love that! There's a spacious front room with some merchandising displays and a rack of non-bra negligee (teddies and the like), as well as the register. Then you step back into the fitting room, which has three very spacious stalls and more bra stock displayed. The very back room holds their tidily organized backstock; an impressive array.

The "boyfriend chair" in the front room, complete with vintage Playboys - turns out, you really CAN read them for the articles!

Client entrance to the fitting room. This Dollymop by Dark Garden underbust corset conveniently was a perfect match for the navy polka dot set already on the mannequin.

Staff entrance to fitting room.

Stylewise, I saw a lot of beautiful things, from familiar and respected brands, such as Simone Perele and Marlies Dekkers. "I only buy the bright and pretty colors," Jenette said. "If they want a beige bra, they can shop somewhere else."

Front room display and merchandising.

Front window merchandising - I love that red underbust shaper slip.

Merchandise display in the fitting room. And me in the mirror.

At the trunk show, I met several of Jenette's clients, and I was impressed by --- well, their assets, of course, but also their loyalty to Jenette Bras. "All of my bras come from here, except for the three I bought in Jerusalem before I knew about Jenette," said one client. Jenette keeps handwritten client records of each woman's baseline size and purchase history, as well as notes about bras they liked but didn't pick up that day. I love that kind of customer service. Some clients have five sheets of records stapled together because they're such regular shoppers with Jenette.

I love customer service like this client purchase record sheet.

The shop staff were all extremely friendly, and they picked up on corset fitting very quickly, which demonstrated to me that their eye for fit is very keen. Dressing rooms all state an "as long as it takes" fitting policy, suggesting that you stand, sit, or do jumping jacks --- whatever it takes! --- to make sure the fit of a bra is working for you.  Jenette (who, incidentally, was absolutely lovely) told me that each time a new style comes in, she and the shop girls all try it on so they can see how it fits compared to other styles from that brand and other brands in the same size.

Press clipping in the front window.

Front window - Quality bras and lingerie for well-endowed women. Bra fitting specialists. No appointments necessary.

Comprehensive, "as long as it takes" fitting policy.

All in all, I was really impressed by the space and attitude. Everything was done in a very thoughtful way, down to the retro-style illustrations on their branded pamphlets, and the team at Jenette's was lovely to work with.

Pretty pretty pamphlets along the front counter.

Jenette Bras even designed us a cute little flyer for the Dark Garden trunk show! What friendly hosts!

Jenette Bras also has a new location in Pasadena, and you may recognize their name from their guest post, "What Should Busty Ladies Look for in a Bra?"

Marianne Faulkner

Marianne Faulkner is the designer of Pop Antique, a clothing and corsetry line specializing in sustainable materials and comfortable curves. She is based in San Francisco where she earned her MFA in fashion design at the Academy of Art University, and has been a columnist at The Lingerie Addict since 2011.

6 Comments on this post

  1. B says:

    The bra in the 3rd photo is Mimi Holliday’s ‘Kir Royale’ comfort bra and come in almost every size you could want!

    • Marianne says:

      Ahhhh! Thank you!! So good to know, I was so busy working that I didn’t have time to check out the brand that night. Looks like it’s even on sale from Journelle..!

  2. Jenette says:

    Thanks for the write-up and adorable photos! The gals & I had such a great time lacing everyone up and learning so much about corsetry from you and Tia. Dark Garden are the masters – or should I say, the Mistresses of the art of custom corsetry. Looking forward to the next time. xo

  3. Sara says:

    I live in the UK but I’m originally from Los Angeles and this is the only store I shop at (I’m a 32FF). I spend a fortune every time but it’s so worth it. No one fits me as well or takes the time to ensure I am happy with the bras chosen. I only wish they had a London branch so I wouldn’t be stumbling in the darkness the other 50 weeks of the year!!!

    • Marianne says:

      Wow! I was under the impression that bustier ladies abroad were much more, well, supported. (Sorry, I had to!!) Thanks for sharing your experience.

      • Sara says:

        I feel like we have great etailers…but in terms of brick & mortar shops I’ve been misfit and quarrelled with SA over fit in Rigby & Peller, Bravissimo, etc. Or I’m just ignored despite asking for help or told that bras just don’t come in “my size” because I have a small back and shallow yet large breasts. So finding Jenette’s store earlier this year was a godsend. I honestly can’t wait to visit my mum again next year so I can buy more. I just buy online (after struggling in store alone to find the right fit) because it is cheaper online. Maybe if I were a mor simple fit people would be nicer to me?

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