Lingerie Addict Exclusive: Kiss Me Deadly A/W 2012
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Dark Fairytales: Kiss Me Deadly A/W 2012

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Pictures from Kiss Me Deadly's new Twisted Fairytales collection have been leaking for a while. I saw the six-foot tall banner of Morgana as Little Red Riding Hood at the Paris lingerie shows, and just a few weeks ago, a photo of the new Jezebel knicker (shown above) went viral on Facebook and Tumblr. But Catherine usually tries to save the full set of images for The Lingerie Addict. After all, she knows we're some of her biggest fans!

I've been in love with Kiss Me Deadly for literally as long as I've been blogging. Not only is Catherine herself engaging, funny, and just all-around fantastic, her fans seem to be too. And I like that she changes up the traditionally passive poses of lingerie models with the occasional odd weapon. Or three.


The first photo is the one that went viral on Facebook and Twitter. I own every single version of the Jezebel knicker to date, and I am really excited about the Swiss Dot pattern on this one. The knicker itself is in stock now, while the bra, garter belt, and brief are available for advance order. Catherine wrote me a note to say, "We do not recommend poisoning apples or going mining in it. You should use proper safety gear for both of those activities."

Tempest Rose:

I'm not usually one for soft pink lingerie, but I am loving the tulip shape of this bra. I don't think I own (or have even seen, for that matter) anything quite like it. The Tempest Rose set isn't in stock now, but is available for pre-order, and so are the matching UK-made girdles. Catherine offered this interesting fact, "You can actually go through someone's foot with a high heel. If only Cinderella had realised this rather than messing about with rodent assistants."


Out of everything here, I think the Elle robe is my favorite piece of the new collection. It's also a recreation of a genuine vintage robe KMD used in some of it's very first photoshoots. The Elle robe will be available for purchase starting in August, and though I don't fancy myself an evil queen, Maleficient seems to be the perfect fairytale character for all the drama and glamour this robe requires.

Red Sirena:

I love the Sirena bra. It is magical. The lift, the cleavage, the boost. My very first Kiss Me Deadly item was the navy blue Sirena bra (which I wore until it fell apart), so I am super excited there's a new Sirena release this season. The Sirena is available at the start of September, but I can see this being the perfect gift for December as well.

One last note... Kiss Me Deadly is also running two competitions at the moment. For the first, if you send in a photo of yourself in KMD lingerie or swimwear, you're entered to win a £400 shopping spree. Second, if you mention Joanna's Wardrobe (Kiss Me Deadly's best retailer... they literally stock everything) on any of your social media accounts and send in a theme for her ideas & inspirations page, you'll be entered to win a Tempest Rose set.

What do you think of the new Twisted Fairytales collection? Any plans to add a piece or two to your wardrobe?

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Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

17 Comments on this post

  1. Larissa says:

    The robe is really great and looks like it has a ton of versatility. I could actually see it working very well as a layering piece for evening wear under the right circumstances.

  2. TurboKitteh says:

    I have always wanted to make a KMD purchase, this may just put me over the edge! I’m torn though between the Red Sirena & Tempest Rose… But I think what holds me back in the inability to try them on first as I live State side. I can be either a 32B or 34A depending on the cut. Any advise??

    • Catherine says:

      Sadly we don’t get to do a 34A, so it’s a 32B. If you have an independent lingerie store you buy from regularly, right now would be an awesome time to let them know you want to try our styles, as we’re exhibiting at the US trade show this weekend!

      • TurboKitteh says:

        Thankyou so much for the response!
        Unfortunately where I live I do not have a an independent shop to go to or request something new at. God I wish I did! So it looks like I must take a leap of faith and purchase online (not that I’m adverse to that as a majority of my lingerie IS purchased online).

  3. Lillefix says:

    Nice lingerie pieces, I really apriciate seeing previews! But the tempest rose bra is just an awfull fit for the model wearing it, way too small cup for her :(

    • Cora Treacle says:

      You’re absolutely right, and Catherine touched on this on her FB page.

      Basically, they only get one sample from the factory (a 34B), and her options were to either use a 34B model that she felt didn’t represent the brand as well or use a model that’s a bit larger that’s a better fit holistically. So she did the latter. You’ll just have to imagine how it looks properly fitted. ;-)

      • Lillefix says:

        Thank you for the reply, Treacle! :)

        I’m glad kiss me deadly are aware that this is a bad fit, and shared that information with their customers, so that they will not assume this is how a well fitting bra is supposed to look.
        But I’m still put off by seing badly fitting bras, they are everywhere, fit is so often disregarded, and many stores do not know what a good fit is.
        The difference in what shape a bra gives can be vastly different between a bad fitting example and a well fititng one. The leap can be huge, for instance if someone saw me in the Rhea bra from Masquerade, they might never guess that it does in fact not creat a squarish look on other people, with a different breast shape than mine, at all, and that it can actually be a fantastic bra. The immage of a poorly fitting bra, or a well fitting one can not give people all the fit information they need, which is inconvenient of course.
        My point is rather that I have never been tempted to buy anything when seeing a badly fitting bra, but I have many times both been tempted to buy a bra (and acted on it) when seeing it fit other people amazingly well. I would be hoping it could do the same for me.
        But they have as you say already thought about this, and decided that a different approach was right for them from their point of view. These are just my tthoughts about it, I’m sure not everyone feels the same way.

        • Catherine says:

          We have other people who are equally as passionate about seeing models of colour, models who don’t deviate from the norm (ours are shorter, taller, darker, paler, curvier, more muscled, smaller breasted, bigger breasted, disabled, all sorts of things that standard models aren’t!).

          I’m also sceptical in this age of photoshop that anything fits anyone the way in does in most mainstream images. Between model choice, lighting, body make-up and post production, I certainly wouldn’t judge fit by a picture.

          • Lillefix says:

            I agree, modeled pictures are often also photoshopped and not so true to reality. Ocastionally there are brands that don’t change their images so much though, and sometimes you can get a little more fit information from those, but as I said and you said, not everything can be conveyed only by an image. I’m just saying that weeing well fitting bras inspire me to buy them, badly fitting ones never do.
            I like the variaty you have between your models, that’s great! I also think it’s great that you wrote the bra didn’t fit next to the picture on your site, and be completely open about it, that really helps, and also set you a bit apart from all the other stores that also put their models in badly fitting bras, I think that when you chose to use those pictures this was a good way to handle it :)

          • Lillefix says:

            Sorry, *seeing, not weeing :p

  4. Thursday says:

    I am so excited for this season! They are all beautiful. I have pre-ordered the blue Jezebel knicker and bralet – the bralet is surprisingly comfy and supportive, I wear the black one all the time. I have been hanging out for the red Sirena since I got a peek at it months ago…I love the effect of the Tempest Rose, but I will hold out hope for a different colourway for myself. And the Elle…I am guessing that might require a little more saving:)

  5. EJ says:

    I love KMD. It makes me so sad to be unemployed and unable to buy more! I have the Tempest Rose underbust corset and I wear it every chance I get. They’re wonderful, and definitely one of my favorites (and the source of my lingerie addiction.)

  6. Elegy says:

    Well I find them all to be beautiful, including the ones that aren’t my personal style. I’m of course sad that the bras do not come in my size, but owning one KMD piece has sold me on the caliber of their line.

  7. Natasha says:

    I LOVE kmd, I have a few things of theirs, but being a student means that affording their stunning pieces is a rare treat. The red sirena bra has been on my wish list for a while, I cannot wait for it to be on sale, I will be snapping it up!! Thanks for sharing treacle x

  8. Toni Barca says:

    I just think that black model looks stunning in that pink and black collection, absolutely luscious. I am going to check this line out today, just got my deposit, Hehehe.

  9. Breanna says:

    I don’t actually own any KMD, yet, due to only finding out about them about a year ago and being poor/underemployed since then. But oh goodness, I would love to own every single one of these pieces! Favorites are probably the Elle robe, the Sirena bra and garter belt, and the Tempest Rose garter skirt. The Jezebel theme, though, wins my heart! (Plus, love those swiss dots!)

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