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Lingerie Wishlist: Kiss Me Deadly Rose Noir Mucha Latex Gown

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links.

The Lingerie Addict's love affair with Kiss Me Deadly is no secret. They've been one of my favorite lingerie brands since the earliest days of the Vargas Dress, and I've had the pleasure of wearing their amazing lingerie and swimwear in a number of photoshoots for this blog, including my most recent NYC lingerie editorial.

What I love most about Kiss Me Deadly is that, despite having a very clear retro-inspired aesthetic, they're always looking for new and interesting designs within that framework. The Mucha Latex Gown, which is the subject of this blog post, is a perfect example of that.

After years of edging away from my own pinup-focused blogging roots (Hi there to everyone who remembers Stockings Addict!), I feel like I'm rediscovering my love of retro glamour, and that I have a whole new appreciation for how these themes reappear in modern day fashion.

The Mucha Latex Gown (created by the incredibly talented Rose Noir Designs), is subversive and fetishistic in that it's made from latex, but it's also overtly inspired by these fantastic evening gown silhouettes from the 1930s. The latex as a material is allowed to shine (no pun intended) and features such lush, dramatic details as a flouncy, fishtail skirt and handpainted liquid gold latex art nouveau motifs. This is a legit evening gown - just in latex.

While I'm smitten with the transparent pink color shown there, the Mucha Latex Gown is also available in transparent grey, opaque plum or opaque black. Please note that the transparent latex is truly transparent; the photographer airbrushed out the nipples in the photos shared here.

As each gown is individually handmade to order, please keep in mind that they'll also be unique; your exact gown may differ slightly from what the model Jess is wearing. Sizes are custom, and each gown sells for £975.00 or approximateily $1260 USD.

Are you as taken with the Mucha gown as I am? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


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