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The Victoria's Secret Designer Collection: Luxury Lingerie at Your Local Mall?

Is Victoria's Secret feeling the pressure from luxury lingerie boutiques? The national retailer known for deals like 3/$30 panties is expanding into the world of luxury lingerie with their new Victoria's Secret Designer Collection.

With knickers starting at $38, bras at $98, and teddies at $168 (along with a sheer lace corset that retails for $298), Victoria's Secret is positioning itself as your high-end lingerie alternative just in time for Valentine's Day. The lace overlays and ruffles have a somewhat more European vibe, but the shape and silhouette is still 100% Victoria's Secret.

What do you think of this new range? Any plans to try it out or should Victoria's Secret stick to what it knows?

Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

15 Comments on this post

  1. Katherine says:

    This is what I love about my job. (:

  2. Annmarie says:

    I must say I’m a little suspicious. VS alongside “luxury” or “designer” sounds like an oxymoron. They had some stunning pieces in the past, I’m talking 20 years ago or so, but nowadays they cater almost exclusively to a younger crowd where the “image” is much more important than the item itself.
    And don’t judge “designer” only by the look. I would make sure their choice of fabric and workmanship justifies the price.

  3. Ulli says:

    I think VS should stick to what they do best.
    I get annoyed with them because they seem to believe women’s sizes stop at DD.

  4. Hnnnh says:

    Victoria’s Secret has been doing something strange with luxury lingerie – Being from Australia, the most obvious example to me is the Pleasure State label being released in the USA as “Victoria’s Secret Designer Label” or something to that effect. I have also come across an item by Bordelle being sold under a similar banner.

    Looking at the pieces released, I am less than impressed. Adding a few of Bordelle’s signature cutouts and banding to a bland Victoria’s Secret bra does not make it Bordelle. Luxury lingerie makers should be looking more closely at what and who they are producing for, especially if it tarnishes their name in the US to more informed buyers or lingerie afficianados.

    … That’s why you’re all reading this blog, right?

    Looking at the last piece pictured for example:
    1. Take a standard VS push up bra, attach extra fabric.
    2. Vòila! Instant babydoll; make in once-off colour, add bows.
    3. … and 300% mark up…
    4. Call it ‘designer lingerie’.

  5. Ligeia says:

    wow! such stunning pieces! I adore the black lace bodysuit and the last one!!!

  6. sandra says:

    I will personally not buy luxury lingerie at VS because I do not trust in the quality. I also think that the design of this new collection look cheap…
    I usually buy my lingerie at because they carry different brands and price but at least the quality is great ! I also love their product selection ..

  7. Honestly, I would buy these at Victoria’s Secret’s usual prices, but not when they cost as much as they do. I’d rather buy Mimi Holliday or Elle Macpherson Intimates.

  8. Madame Ori says:

    I love these pieces. I hope that they will make them available in stores and not just online, since that could be their pitch point. They look delicate and beautiful–I say let’s give them a chance! I’m partial to the nude colored pieces, but the lemon yellow one is a DREAM.

  9. Jodi says:

    Well, I must say they are pretty. However, if they stick to their usual sizes, I’m sunk. And, at those prices the quality (of both the products and the sales staff) better go up!

  10. KB says:

    If they stick to the same size range that they have been producing I’ll probably still consider the line lame — no matter what the quality.

  11. Donalda Reid says:

    Very nice…now will they expand their size range to include those above a DD or smaller than a 32 back? That would have more meaning to more women.

  12. Socorro E says:

    OMG! Finally some Victoria’s Secret I would love to own! I love the colors!

  13. denocte says:

    Ohh, love the design. But they don’t have my sizes anyway – and I’m not living in the US, so I won’t be able to try some on ;)

    For Europe: I really like the new launched brand “BouxAvenue” Very nice design, nice prices and more or less reasonable sizing.

    xoxo denocte

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