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Review Wednesday: MySkins Nude Lingerie

Editor's Note: As of September 2015, MySkins appears to no longer be in business.

If you're pressed for time, and just want to know if MySkins is worth the money or not, here's my answer:

YESOhmigod... yes.

MySkins is the answer to one of my major gripes with the lingerie industry... the profound lack of "nude" lingerie in a variety of skintones. Now I know that the color we think of as "flesh-toned" doesn't match all flesh, but (and you'll have to pardon me while I get on my soapbox for a minute), it comes a hell of lot closer to matching some shades than it does others. It always pained me to search for nude bras, panties, stockings, or pantyhose only to realize that there was nothing, absolutely nothing, out there for women of my complexion. To be perfectly, brutally honest, it was insulting; as if the lingerie industry didn't give a damn about women of color, their money, or their needs.






MySkins is the first lingerie line I know of that targets the beautiful range of skin colors women can have. Kelly over at The Lingerie Post told me about them a few months ago through my FormSpring, and shortly thereafter the people over at MySkins wrote to see if I'd like to try their lingerie in a shade appropriate to my skintone. I selected Espresso, and received the T-shirt bra ($48) and Girl Short Pantie ($12) shortly thereafter.

In terms of fit, that bra and panty are among the most comfortable I own. FYI, I try to test the lingerie I get for reviews in "real world" environments. That often means I wear things to work all day. After all, anything can feel good those first few hours, but it's at the end of the day when you really know if you're wearing a quality piece or not. I feel confident recommending these because I know they felt amazing (not to mention, the bra and panty gave great lines under my clothes).







My only major gripe is that the deepest shade available (Espresso) was still several tones too light for my skin. While the website photo looks like a rich, deep coffee brown, the in-person color came off as lighter and more "ashy." It was probably still a good enough match to wear under light-colored clothing, but I'd like to see MySkins come out with one or two darker shades for my ladies with gorgeous ebony skin.

Here's the verdict: MySkins is worth my money. If they produce a darker skintone, I won't hesitate to buy it. And if you're lucky enough to already have a perfect match, these are a wardrobe essential.

Disclosure: I received the item discussed above free of charge for review purposes only. The retailer/manufacturer/designer did not influence this review in any way, shape, or form. All opinions presented here are the authors own.

Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

10 Comments on this post

  1. SavvyClickChick says:

    Now that they’re out of business do you know where I might find their products? I purchased a bra from MySkin years ago that was EXACTLY my shade of nude and I’ve been searching for them ever since. Any info you have would be helpful. Thanks!

  2. Bunny says:

    Thanks for the review! I run the opposite, and have really fair skin, so for me a traditional nude is invariably too dark and shows through. I'll have to give these a go! x

  3. anaïs says:

    i truly appreciate this review, as finding and buying well-made great-fitting beautiful lingerie has always been a challenge for me – ample bosom, i'm sure you can imagine what a challenge that poses even when you want to procure bras and panties that match…but i digress. i might have to give myskins a try since i am always interested in style, comfort and fit. thanks for taking the time to test out the line and give a stellar review!

  4. Hosiery says:

    Treacle, thanks for sharing!

    Even though I'll never need to buy myself a bra or a pair of panties, it is great to have the chart with me, to be able to see what nude hosiery I might want. I downloaded a copy, and since my colour printer isn't working, I ordered a copy, also.

    I think that I'm a #8, pecan, or #9, butterscotch. I could probably use any of the top 2 rows, because a perfect match isn't important for me, and it might depend on how I'm trying to make my legs look. What did you get?


  5. Janus says:

    When I saw the title, my first thought was, "What I consider a nude shade is probably going to be quite a bit different from what you consider a nude shade." Nice to see that you're finding something closer to what works for you.

  6. mzfatbooty says:

    Want. Even though it'll still be too light for me, it will be worlds better than the current "nude" undergarments out there. Thanks as always, Treacle!

  7. Kristine says:

    Many thanks for your investigative reporting!!!

  8. Shinxy says:

    Oh this is cool! 'Nude' tones are always too dark on me.

  9. d.funkt says:

    We definitely need things like this. Heretofore I've sent my boyfriend to Marshalls with the specific instruction to buy me Spanx in that color white people call nude. I want.

  10. TheSurvivalMom says:

    I love this product line! I didn't realize before that my so-called nude bras didn't match my skin tone. I mean, of course I realized it. I have eyes! I just didn't think that a matching shade would work so much better under my clothing. Thanks for this review!

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