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Valentine’s Day is both my most favorite and least favorite holiday. I hate how it encourages clich├ęd forms of obligatory, performative “romance” popularized to improve greeting card sales. On the other hand, I love twee heart motifs, big bouquets of fresh flowers, pink chocolate boxes, excessive kissing, and, of course, fancy lingerie.

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Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links. Sometimes, I worry the brief descriptive portion of these guides can get a little repetitive. The general idea of all our shopping guides is, “I like this, and I think you might like it too,” but I don’t feel like I can just say and skip to the end (or can I?). At any rate, for this Valentine’s Day Lingerie Shopping Guide, I […]

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Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links. I’ve said it before, but the $50-$99.99 price range for intimates is one of my favorites (My other fave? The ultra-luxe $500+ price range.) I love this segment of the lingerie market because it’s inexpensive enough to be accessible, but also priced high enough to give designers room to create some truly special pieces, especially if you’re interested in buying from indie brands. Today’s […]

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