Wearable Art: Historical Corsets by Retro Folie

retro folie corset 2a

Sometimes I get so preoccupied with covering trends and fashion items and staying on top of everything lingerie, that I forget it’s okay to talk about beautiful things simply because they’re beautiful. I found the items in today’s blog post through Tumblr, and trust me when I say they left me breathless.

Though I’m not TLA’s resident corsetry expert (that honor goes to Marianne), I can admire and appreciate a beautiful corset when I see it. Pattern matching in particular makes me swoon. I don’t sew, so I can’t speak to hard or how easy that kind of construction technique is, but I know it makes a powerful visual impression. Even the simplest corset, the most basic silhouette, instantly looks more luxurious with that kind of symmetry at the front.

These corsets from Retro Folie (who, full disclosure, I am never bought from before) are gorgeous, and transform an already beautiful garment into a work of art…on multiple levels. I’m no stylist, but I’d love to see an outfit with one of these at the center. Personally, I’m tempted to frame one and put it on my wall.

What are your thoughts on these Art History corsets? And would you wear one?

retro folie corset 2

retro folie corset 4

retro folie corset 4a

retro folie corset 1

retro folie corset 1a

retro folie corset 3b

retro folie corset 3




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  1. 21/05/14 at 7:24

    RetroFolie won the last Foundations Revealed competition so I am pretty sure her work quality is pretty amazing!

  2. Rachel
    21/05/14 at 10:46

    I’m a beginner sew-er. Pattern matching is a super advanced level sewing skill. Especially on something like this, where boning probably makes it even trickier.

    These are epically beautiful.

  3. 21/05/14 at 14:23

    Holy pants, these are amazing. My jaw dropped. I am so in awe!

  4. 21/05/14 at 18:07

    Incredible. I absolutely love the last one with the beautiful cherubs. Amazing work.

  5. 22/05/14 at 20:09

    Thanks for sharing, these are amazing. Love when fashion and art can combine to create something beautiful.

  6. Meg
    23/05/14 at 17:23

    I am a Retrofolie customer and I can attest to the superb quality of this designer and artist’s work. Retrofolie created a stunning custom corset made especially for my performance as Columbia in the Rocky Horror Picture Show Halloween Ball. Retrofolie’s corsets provide a nice waist reduction and can withstand movement. On top of that, the lines and choices of fabric are unlike anything else I’ve seen on the market

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