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Introducing Arsenic et Vieilles Dentelles

Arsenic Dentelles Veilles

One of the absolute highlights of the LingerieFW season is discovering new designers to fall in love with. Arsenic et Vieilles Dentelles is one such brand. I can’t say Lingerie Fashion Week was my first exposure to this indie label (someone, either Faire Frou Frou or Scarlet’s Letter, mentioned AVD to me before), but it was certainly a more lingering, persistent experience. The aesthetic of Arsenic et Vieilles Dentelles has stuck with me, just as sharply and vividly as when I first saw them during the ‘Ones to Watch’ presentation.

Arsenic Veilles Dentelles - 2

Founded by Laure Hurlet and based in Belgium, AVD’s first collection is called ‘Eat Your Little Pea.’ I’m not sure what that phrase alludes to (it sounds like aphorism requiring a bit of cultural context; a direct translation simply won’t do), but I don’t have to understand the name to love the pieces. Obviously, that retro-style black mesh bra is a standout for me (I know, I know… I hate to be so predictable), but I even find myself liking the g-string and ouvert knickers — pieces I don’t usually go for.

Arsenic Veilles Dentelles - 3

I wouldn’t peg any of the designs in Hurlet’s debut range as particular innovative or cutting edge. The collection is also, admittedly, rather small. Still, there’s an undeniable attraction here; there’s just something very charismatic about this entire line. Maybe it’s the dark undertones. Or the unapologetic sensuality. But whatever it is, I want more.

Arsenic Veillese Dentelles - 4

Arsenic et Vieilles Dentelles is sold via her BigCartel and Etsy shops. All items are handmade and ethically produced. The size range for both bras and knickers is S, M, L.

What do you think of the initial range?

arsenic et vieilles dentelles 1

arsenic et vieilles dentelles 2

arsenic et vieilles dentelles 3  arsenic et vieilles dentelles 5

arsenic et vieilles dentelles 6

arsenic et vieilles dentelles 7

arsenic et vieilles dentelles 8

arsenic et vieilles dentelles 9

arsenic et vieilles dentelles 10

arsenic et vieilles dentelles 11

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  1. Mya says:

    I was going through an old “lust list” (made in 2014!) and found a link to this post. AVD is still stunning!

  2. Omg! Must have the garters format he bathtub shot! So awesome!

  3. Thursday says:

    Mostly I think, “nice rope”…I do like the sheer black bra (yes, I too am predictable in my tastes!), but nothing else stands out for me. I feel like I have seen most of it before.

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