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ethically produced lingerie

She & Reverie has released a delightful mini-lookbook titled Luminescette, and it is truly luminous. Soft and dreamy, this collection has a sweetness that is endearing because it’s not trying so hard. There are no Lolitas or pampered princesses here. Rather, there’s an easy innocence and girlish charm that transcends the brand’s usual “twee” aesthetic. We’ve swooned over She & Reverie’s dreamy loungewear collections in the past. The brand has […]

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You may remember the sneak peek we got early this year of Lost in Wonderland’s A/W 2014 collection (that fabulous pentagram harness is hard to forget!). Well, the full collection is just beginning to hit their online store and we couldn’t wait to finally share all of the images with you! This Berlin-based luxury label certainly doesn’t sacrifice fashion-forward style in its mission to create beautiful, ethically-produced lingerie. Their “Gold […]

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One of the absolute highlights of the LingerieFW season is discovering new designers to fall in love with. Arsenic et Vieilles Dentelles is one such brand. I can’t say Lingerie Fashion Week was my first exposure to this indie label (someone, either Faire Frou Frou or Scarlet’s Letter, mentioned AVD to me before), but it was certainly a more lingering, persistent experience. The aesthetic of Arsenic et Vieilles Dentelles has […]

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Gilda & Pearl Classics Collection

Gilda & Pearl pretty much has a permanent spot on the TLA lust list. I’ve been talking about them since at least 2009, when I featured their ‘How to Marry a Millionaire’ bra set in a Christmas shopping guide dedicated to Etsy lingerie. I love beautiful fabrics, and Gilda & Pearl uses some of the most gorgeous silks, laces, and meshes I’ve seen. I’m also really impressed at how focused […]

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  Yes, it is already time for A/W 2014 sneak preview images. The lingerie industry is currently in the middle of market season (Paris and London shows were last month; the New York show happens next week), and a lot of exciting things are happening right now. Though I was a longtime fan of Spring/Summer ranges, I think I’m starting to prefer A/W lines right now. The colors and materials […]

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