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Founded in the 1950s in Lyon, France, Lise Charmel is the very essence of French lingerie. Their luxurious laces and exquisite construction techniques are second to none, and this is a label that really shows how theatrical, opulent, and extravagant high-end lingerie can be. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing several Lise Charmel sets in person lately (and trying quite a few on), and they quite literally take my breath […]

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Before I begin, I have to tell you I’m blogging from the sky right now. Ain’t technology grand? :-) Yesterday, I had my last date with Newboy until I return from visiting home next week. I wore one of my favorite pairs of thigh high stockings, the Victoria’s Secret “Sexy Satin Kittens,” which I reviewed here. Sadly, I had to remove my stocking a few hours into the night because […]

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Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links. Today I’m reviewing the Satin Topped Sheer Thigh Highs by Victoria’s Secret; $14.00/pair (USD), 15 denier, nylon/spandex blend. Despite the advertising, Victoria’s Secret hasn’t meant “sexy” to me in a very long time. Much of their lingerie just isn’t to my taste anymore. When I do like something, it inevitably feels overpriced for the quality (especially with so many indie brands now). So why […]

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