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plus size swimwear

For gender non-conforming folks, going to the beach can be fraught with uncertainty. There are few places where so much of our bodies are visible and few garments so publicly gendered as swimwear. Luckily, more and more companies are coming out with options for a range of bodies beyond your typical bikini or board short. There are many androgynous options out there, no matter your style! Here are my summer […]

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I kind of don’t know where to start talking with Rue 107’s ‘Jess’ Mocha Swimsuit. As you’ve already guessed, I’m sharing it because I think it’s cool and thought you might like it too. I’m completely in love with the styling here (so in love). I adore the fact that it’s available in misses and plus sizes, and I practically fell off my chair when I saw that it retails […]

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It’s been a couple of years since we’ve last talked about Nakimuli here on TLA, and in that time, this Brooklyn-based label has only further refined its aesthetic. Designed by Tennille Nakimuli Shanae McMillan, Nakimuli (which is a Ugandan word for flower) is fashion designed by and for “America’s Funky Sweetheart.” There’s a lot to love about Nakimuli’s Berry Convertible Swimsuit, a vibrant reworking of their classic Bright Delight Convertible […]

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Now that we’re deep into the winter doldrums, many of us are dreaming of warm weather vacations, and dreading buying the requisite swimsuit. It’s easy to be wary and frustrated when the media inundates us with tips on how to get “bikini ready” – as if our bodies aren’t “ready” as they are. Well, GabiFresh for Swim Sexy is here to not only change the way we buy swimsuits, but […]

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Sometimes I run across a designer I know I’d never wear… but who is simply unforgettable nonetheless. Nakimuli is one of those designers. Ever since I first encountered one of her swimsuits on Pinterest, I just can’t stop thinking about her inimitable style. Like I said, these swimsuits aren’t a good fit for me personally, but if you love bright, bold swimwear, I haven’t seen anything cooler than these. Best […]

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