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Oxford Conference of Corsetry

While there are relatively few networking and professionalization events in the lingerie industry, one of the most revered is also one of the newest — The Oxford Conference of Corsetry, held over the summer at Oxford College. For those unfamiliar, The Oxford Conference of Corsetry (otherwise known as OCOC) is a three-year-old event, created by corsetmakers, for corsetmakers, and dedicated to the study of corsetry. People fly in from all […]

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Disclosure: I have been a speaker at the Oxford Conference of Corsetry since its inception last year. I am also an employee at Dark Garden Unique Corsetry, whose proprietress, Autumn Adamme, was our keynote speaker this year. All opinions are my own and were not solicited by the parties discussed. The Oxford Conference of Corsetry is an annual event for corset makers in — where else? — Oxford, England. This […]

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Earlier this month, I found myself at the Oxford Conference of Corsetry – an amazing event dedicated to one of my favourite garments in the entire world of lingerie. We saw Marianne review the event last year as an organiser, but I thought that this year I could give my perspective as an attendee. I’d booked my place over nine months ago (with the entire event selling out very shortly […]

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With the Oxford Conference of Corsetry coming up this weekend, England is flooded with corset makers and enthusiasts. Today I spent the day in Sparklewren’s studio, aka Corset Paradise, with Jenni “Wren” Hampshire, Lucy of Lucy’s Corsetry, and Lowana of Vanyanís. InaGlo Photography was also present to shoot a few styles for Vanyanís, and Sparklewren’s Jenni Hampshire got behind the camera for several impromptu photoshoots with me as I tried on […]

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The Oxford Conference of Corsetry was so amazing that I don’t even know where to begin. Let’s start with the basics: The Oxford Conference of Corsetry, aka OCOC, was organized by Julia Bremble of Sew Curvy, and took place over the weekend of August 24th and 25th at Jesus College in England. We had workshops, photoshoots, media coverage, and basically talked about corsets nonstop during all of our waking hours. […]

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