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While every generation has its major fashion moments, the past decade has seen some of the most exciting lingerie trends to ever happen in fashion history. Yet, beneath all that flash and glamour, what’s most interesting is how familiar many of these trends are. Yes, they’ve been reworked a bit and adapted to fit the sensibilities of a modern audience, but as the saying goes, “Everything old eventually becomes new again.”

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As I sit here writing this, it’s exactly 1 degree Fahrenheit above freezing. And even though it’s nowhere near officially winter yet (that’s still over a month away for those wondering), I still find myself already wishing for warmer weather. I can’t help it. Cold weather – particularly Seattle’s version – just seems to drain me. One upside to the cooler weather, however, is all the super soft and cozy […]

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Lonely Lingerie and Lounge A/W 2014

Lonely Lingerie is known for its edgy aesthetic on lingerie that is meant to be seen. While the strappy trend is becoming a bit tired after multiple seasons, Lonely has such a strong point of view that their pieces remain not only relevant, but exciting. Their A/W 2014 collection’s strength lies in their ability to take complicated straps and cutaway details and make them look thoroughly clean-lined and modern. Many […]

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While I want to be comfy and cozy while lazing about the house, I’ve never been a loungewear kinda gal. Most of what’s out there is too sporty, too juvenile, or just too plain boring for my taste. After seeing these new pieces from Between The Sheets, though, I am ready to embrace this whole lounge philosophy and laze in style to my heart’s content. TLA has been a big […]

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Alöe Lingerie is a brand I’ve never talked about on TLA before, though I’ve definitely heard of them before now. A fairly small company out of the UK, Alöe is known for its luxury loungewear made from silk and lace. I think one of the reasons I didn’t pay attention to them before is because the brand just wouldn’t have fit my personal aesthetic until recently. It’s really interesting to […]

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