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Disclosure: The Lingerie Addict purchased this jumpsuit for the purpose of this review. All thoughts are my own. Loungewear start-up Lunya offers simple loungewear in highly-functional fabrics and chic, modern designs. They’re best known for their “washable silk” pieces, which you can ostensibly wash with the rest of your laundry. Lunya offers the same aesthetic and ease as many Millennial-targeted startups: A curated selection with a focus on function, rather […]

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ThirdLove released 24 new bra sizes this week, and the fashion world is all aflutter with breathless headlines praising the startup for making more bra sizes than any other lingerie brand. ThirdLove’s very own co-founder, David Spector, even made this dubious claim on Twitter. The only (obvious) problem? It’s completely and totally false (I would say a lie, but I’m trying to be more tactful in 2018). While ThirdLove’s 70 […]

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Trusst Lingerie launched on Kickstarter in the Spring of 2015 and met its goal in 5 days. The bra was designed to “actually support” full-bust women by using an alternative to the underwire: a 3D-printed bra core called the BAST, which stands for Breast Advanced Support Technology. Trusst says their BAST is more supportive and more comfortable than a traditional underwire by reducing shoulder strain and, according to their website, “eliminating the pinching, poking, and discomfort commonly associated with underwires.” Their goal was to create a bra for women who hate underwire bras and find them uncomfortable. I was super excited for the opportunity to review it as I have a lot of varied thoughts on this concept.

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The subject of pricing is perhaps one of the most emotionally fraught topics in the lingerie world. Consumers are often convinced they’re paying too much for lingerie, while brands and retailers frequently believe their margins are too small. Furthermore, it is true that margins in the lingerie industry are among the narrowest in the fashion world; an absence of automation combined with specialty fabrics and hire R & D costs all mean that lingerie is incredibly expensive to produce…far more than a t-shirt or a pair of jeans.

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