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Budding indie designer Vanessa Anissa has released a new collection under her own label Alexandrea Anissa, and it does not disappoint. Titled “Ramona,” this new range is all about strappy details, harnesses, and black mesh. Ms. Anissa is playing with the concept of exposure, both in terms of the frame of the lingerie itself and in the materials used. On a more personal, but still related, note, I’m intrigued by […]

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After lingerie market, one of the hardest things is waiting until I finally release the official photos for what I’ve seen. This is especially true for independent designers, many of whom are leading the industry with innovative silhouettes, cutting-edge techniques, and other avant-garde approaches to the classic world of women’s intimates. I understand why this happens, of course; indie designers are legitimately worried about big brands copying their line. But […]

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One of the absolute highlights of the LingerieFW season is discovering new designers to fall in love with. Arsenic et Vieilles Dentelles is one such brand. I can’t say Lingerie Fashion Week was my first exposure to this indie label (someone, either Faire Frou Frou or Scarlet’s Letter, mentioned AVD to me before), but it was certainly a more lingering, persistent experience. The aesthetic of Arsenic et Vieilles Dentelles has […]

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One of the really awesome things about the lingerie industry today is the comparatively low barrier to entry. While you can go the traditional route with investors and factories and tradeshows, a designer can literally start their own line out of their basement using websites like Etsy and Big Cartel to open a storefront and make sales. I first found out about Chrissie Nicholson-Wild, the designer behind Curve Couture, through […]

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Danielle Wood is an indie lingerie designer I’ve only recently heard of, but I quite like their aesthetic. Their Holiday 2013 collection consists of lushly textured velvet lingerie sets with simple, vintage-style cuts. I also liked the styling of this shoot in a rustic farm house; it adds to the brand’s cozy, comfy, informal appeal. Photography is by Alex Wein. Hair and Makeup is by Antoinette Yoka. You can purchase […]

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