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Disclosure: The Lingerie Addict purchased this bra for review purposes. All thoughts are my own. If you wear full bust bras and love luxury lingerie, you should know about Empreinte. This French brand makes bras up to a European H cup. All of their styles are made in France, and the quality is known for being impeccable. I’ll admit, I hadn’t tried Empreinte myself before this review. With gorgeous laces […]

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Empreinte is one of those brands that everyone in the lingerie industry knows and loves, but that outsiders (like myself) often have a hard time getting. It was years before I was able to look beyond the ornate European lace and embroidery, and truly understand what made their bras so extraordinary. When it comes to full bust bra design, Empreinte is a master, and I’m not just talking about the […]

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Empreinte is a classic brand I’ve known about for years, but I only really became interested in them in perhaps the last six months. I think of them as a full bust specialist, but they make bras in cup sizes 32C thru 46G. One of the reasons I wasn’t really into Empreinte as a younger woman is because it just seemed like so much bra, but as I’ve gotten older, […]

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