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diversity in lingerie

If you’re in lingerie, you’ve probably already noticed this, but the world of lingerie is incredibly homogenous. While there’s a lot of lip service paid to diversity (it’s very unfashionable to say otherwise at the moment), in terms of actual practice, there’s very little to praise. Whether through fear, ignorance, or outright malice, the intimate apparel industry overall looks very similar to how it appeared half a century ago. That’s […]

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Lingerie Fashion Week (or LingerieFW) kicked off on October 24th with a bang and a bunch of exciting new talent on display. Since its launch in February 2013, the lingerie event has been growing and attracting a wide range of visitors and exhibitors. This season continued the trend, with a variety of old and new designers showcasing their brands and making us eager to see what the Spring/Summer 2015 season […]

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Earlier today, June of Braless in Brasil launched a Diversity in Lingerie campaign. It’s all about bringing attention to the lack of diversity in the lingerie industry, and in addition to posting a picture of themselves with the hashtag #DiversityinLingerie, bloggers are also encouraged to write a post on what diversity means to them. My thoughts on the absence of diversity within the intimate apparel industry are no secret; I’ve […]

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