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Crikey Aphrodite

While it goes without saying that many of us are gift shopping for our friends, family, and general loved ones, it’s also a fun time of year to get yourself a little treat. As you accumulate corset-y dreams to take with you into the new year, here’s a list of ten specialty corsetieres whom I think exemplify a particular niche. Some of these talented designers (all of them crafting a […]

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As covered last week, corsets are (justifiably) expensive.  A friend of mine joked that I could’ve summed that whole article up as “corsets are hard” — touché, James. Still, corsets come in a huge range of price points. What’s “reasonable”? What should you expect when spending that much money on a garment? How much should you even think about spending in the first place? Well, the answer depends entirely on the […]

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Flossing is one of my favorite corset embellishments. Though it’s nothing new, it has incredible potential for variation, as you’ll see from the following images. Flossing is, in short, a particular type of embroidery on corsets, generally used at the ends of bone channels. Flossing can be used as a selective accent, as I once did on a client corset, where the flossing placements traced the hourglass shape of the […]

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Corset trends are gentle and slow-moving, taking years instead of weeks to build momentum. Today’s post looks at several chic and sheer corsets, with a focus on the handmade. Sheer corsets wonderfully exemplify the unique outer/under aesthetic of modern corsetry. In their lightness, they are often more comfortable (and thin) for wearing all-day as a foundation garment. Lace overlays look striking as the lace may appear to simultaneously float and sculpt, […]

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