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corset lacing

Corset Quick Tips: How to Adjust Uneven Laces

Uneven corset laces are a problem many corset wearers encounter. Though it’s not a huge issue, it can be a minor annoyance, making laces harder to tuck in and generally creating a messier appearance. Often, the laces will end up uneven because the wearer tends to pull on one side more firmly during the lacing and/or unlacing process. Or, the corset may simply have been laced up unevenly by the […]

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Part three in the corset lacing series will discuss the most common mistakes made in lacing the corset onto the body. Part 1 covered the structure and hardware, Part 2 explained the back gap. As I mentioned in my original introduction, fit and comfort are deeply tied into how your corset is laced, but did you know that how you tie yourself up can also make an appreciable difference in […]

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As promised to a certain reader, here is a follow-up to last month’s All About Lacing: Part 1, which explained the hardware and materials of corset lacing. Today’s installment focuses on the back gap and its angles of pressure. The back gap, as an expression of fit, has a surprising amount of impact on the comfort of a corset. If you’re new to corsets, particularly high-end corsetry, you may not […]

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I had originally hoped to write a single article about corset lacing, but as my draft waxed on, I quickly realized there are too many facets of the topic to do justice in a single piece. Lacing is widely recognized as the signature, defining feature of a corset. Though that’s a gross oversimplification of a garment that is truly a feat of engineering, it is true that much of a corset’s structure, […]

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All corset wearers know (or should know, anyway) that they need to loosen their corset laces before unfastening their busk, but it’s rarely explained why, beyond the basic “it’s bad for the corset.” I mentioned this in passing in the first post of this series, How to Care for a Corset, Part 1: What to Do While Wearing Your Corset, but saved the full rationale because I think it’s important enough to […]

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