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victoria’s secret

I still cringe and scrunch up my face at the name. (Ask my friends!) And while I don’t have the exact date in mind of our official break up, I do know it was somewhere around 2004. Having been loyal through my late high school and college years, I couldn’t imagine any another life. After all, what I’d seen in newspapers (yes those old things!), magazines, and catalogs for years […]

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About a month ago, while I was still away on my honeymoon, I got a ton of e-mails from people asking what I thought about Victoria’s Secret’s controversial new “Bright Young Things” collection. Though it’s old news by now, I wanted to discuss it anyway because I think this entire story (and, more importantly, people’s responses to it) brought up a lot of the issues I have with the way […]

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About a year ago, the most famous lingerie brand in the world — Victoria’s Secret — launched a brand-new, high-end Designer Collection. With prices of up to $300US for a sheer lace merrywidow, The Victoria’s Secret Designer Collection was meant to be an answer to the market’s renewed demand for luxury lingerie. And in fact Victoria’s Secret booted out all the luxury lingerie designers they’d been carrying up to that […]

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Unless you’ve been on a media diet for the last month or so, you probably know the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (VSFS) happened last week. Billed as the “Sexiest Night on Television,” this year was the 10th televised broadcast of VSFS (even though there’s been a version of the show since the mid-90s) and it’s turned into a bit of a tradition. Between its millions of viewers (and subsequent millions […]

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September always seems to be my busiest month. Once again, it’s been crammed full of lingerie happenings. As well as being inundated with orders (following the launch of my brand last month), I’ve been juggling lingerie events and preparations to move cities! It’s been an exhausting month but worth every moment. Here are a few of my favourite adventures. I hope you enjoy them! Clockwise from the left: SS13 including […]

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