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Part three in the corset lacing series will discuss the most common mistakes made in lacing the corset onto the body. Part 1 covered the structure and hardware, Part 2 explained the back gap. As I mentioned in my original introduction, fit and comfort are deeply tied into how your corset is laced, but did you know that how you tie yourself up can also make an appreciable difference in […]

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Waist training, sometimes known as corset training, is increasing in popularity seemingly by the day. I’ve written about it a lot, but what is waist training, anyway? Today, I’ll cut through to the basics: what is waist training, why do people do it, and how do they do it. Waist Training & Tightlacing The words waist training and tightlacing are often used interchangeably, and each person will have their own […]

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Disclosure: I borrowed this book through the Amazon Prime lending library with my personal account. All opinions are my own. The full title of this book is, “Waist Training: Corset Training with Tight-Lacing Corsets to Trim Your Waist and Cinchers to Cinch the Inches,” and it appears to be the only work by author Kim Fox, who apparently self-published this volume after a modicum of light research and personal experience. […]

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Corsets are here to stay. There are so many reasons why corsets are still relevant, though it’s unlikely they will ever again experience a heyday such as they saw in the Victorian era. The common assumption (from those not in the know) is that women wear corsets to make themselves more sexually attractive, deforming themselves in the process… but that’s pretty much never the case. Women who wear corsets are […]

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Really. It really is. You might hit some speed bumps on this journey and you’re entitled to take a break from waist training if you want, for a day or a week or a month or a year or years. Your corsets will be there when you’re ready for them. (Of course, it goes without saying that not wearing a corset will slow or undo your progress, but that’s a […]

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