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I’m not sure how I heard first heard of Nettle’s Tale. Maybe on Twitter. Or perhaps Bustle. All I know is that I’ve had them bookmarked for a little while as an example of a company doing this inclusivity thing right. Made in Vancouver, BC, Nettle’s Tale has an appropriately Pacific Northwest mood. Super chill. Very casual. Completely unstructured. While I sometimes like to imagine myself as a glamorous poolside […]

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Lingerie (and, by association, swimwear) can feel so serious at times. There are “official” trends. An “official” color palette. Another “official” look. I got a bit wrapped up in that, and as a result, lost sight of the the stuff that first made me interested in all this. Things like discovering new brands, sharing them here, and actually talking with people what we like right now. Since I’ve loosened up […]

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I’ve never been much of a swimwear person. I know how to swim, but I never spent enough time in the pool to justify buying a bathing suit very often. However, now that I’m in place where the weather is constantly, mind-numbingly gorgeous, I’m feeling the lack in my wardrobe. I’d love to go the beach or lay poolside…without worrying that I’m wearing the one swimsuit I do own to […]

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It’s amazing how much plus size swimwear options have changed in a relatively short period of time. A few years ago, most plus size swimwear options were bland one pieces or tankinis, with no attempt to even approach the vast variety of style or attention to detail given to swimwear in straight sizes. In just a few years, we now have a bright landscape of options in a variety of cuts to suit the tastes (but not size) of a pretty wide swath, if not all, of the plus size customer base.

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Jo Godden is a specialist swimwear designer with 20 years international experience, including in the US for a variety of lingerie and swimwear brands including GapBody, M&S and Victoria’s Secret. Jo now lives in the UK and has launched RubyMoon to combine her expertise with her passion for ‘doing the right thing’ in terms of designing and sourcing great sustainable products that make a positive social and environmental impact. Living […]

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