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Think back to the last lingerie commercial you saw on TV… okay, can you picture it? Now take a minute and watch these. The first ad is the latest TV spot from Addition Elle for Spring 2015 and the second is a similar ad from Lane Bryant in 2010 (Note: the second ad has since been taken down). Both star Ashley Graham, a superstar of the lingerie world. What else […]

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Note: this is a review of a product purchased specifically for review purposes. I was not compensated by or by Freolla LLC for this review. I love any article of clothing that pays attention to how great thighs are, and for a product that was designed to protect against chafing, is doing a lot to emphasize that thighs deserve to be showed off. Bandelettes are obviously intended to […]

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I spend the rest of my life talking about marketing from a company perspective, so it seems only fitting that today I find myself writing a piece on marketing as an actual bra consumer. As the full bust bra market grows, more and more companies are bringing out new options that claim to be the result of constant innovation, superior materials and construction that will change how we full bust […]

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Advertising on The Lingerie Addict

Thank you for your interest in advertising with The Lingerie Addict! Founded in 2008, The Lingerie Addict is the world’s largest, consumer-focused, digital lingerie magazine. With tens of millions of visitors over the past decade and over 300,000 active followers across all social platforms, we are one of the few publications anywhere dedicated exclusively to covering the intimate apparel, a global market valued at over $200 billion dollars. Why We’re […]

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